What do you think of this deal?


I was just wonderin what everyone thought of this deal that my local dealership has. They have a 2002 Black SE busa. It only has 1000 miles on it and it has yoshimura pipes. They want $10,000 for it. I hope to get a busa within the next week and I really like this one, but im not tryin to get dragged through the mud on the price if you know what i mean. let me know what you all think of it.
i think its about a grand too high !remember the 04 are comming and the 03s gotta clear out even if it is a black one lol!! i paid 10 out door with tax and reg for my 02 last year when summer was just ending .god luck
I would tell them to stick it with that price!

I just bought a brand "new" 03 SE all BLACK with zero miles for $9,016 out the door from Canada. With the 04's just around the corner, you should be getting a new 03 for between $9-10k out the door.

They want $10k for a soon to be 2 year old bike with 1,000 miles? I would laugh at them and walk out. Keep looking around there are much better deals out there.

Josh :cool:
I paid $8500 for a used 02 SE with only 600 miles all stock and it still has 6 months left on the factory warranty. He gave me a Joe rocket jacket, gloves and a helmet. Also got 2 straps and a strap for the handle bars. It had a tank bra too. I also got everything the owner got when he bought it including ALL paperwork. He also did the 600 mile checkup throught the dealership and I got the receipt too. This deal was an ok deal considering that I will pay only $100 to get the TT&L. I could have got a brand new 03 for $10,300 out the door but I didnt get it.
Welcome to the board Stompy.......price is a little high, barter with them a bit, if they don't go down about a grand.... walk. :thumbsup:
Thanks for all the advice everyone. After looking through ebay and cycletrader.com at all the busas for sale i realize that this price is way to steep. I'm gonna go in there and talk to them tomorrow see if they will come down any on the price, if not im walkin away and will buy my busa elsewhere.
An all black 03 SE? i thought the 02 was black (mine) and the 03 was orange?
The US got the all BLACK SE for 02 but Canada/Europe got it for 03 except with the updates(gold forks, etc.)!

I bought it from Canada and only had to change the speedometer gauge to MPH and everything else is the same. Even driving up to Ontario I still saved a bunch of money on the price and I think it looks much better than the US 03 color schemes.

Josh :super:

Well stompy.............I got mine about a month ago right out of the crate and I paid 9850.00 I was trying for 9500 but they had to get it from another dealer so they weren't willing to go lower and I wasn't willing to go to Conneticut. They should drop it if you negotiate well. If not then take your money to someone that will listen. Good luck!:super: