West Coast riders

Big E

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Finally a long vacation. A buddy(929) and me are riding out from Maryland to California.  I would like to hook up with any of the west coast riders to show me around town.  I will be starting my trip this friday. If everything works out. I should be in Vegas Monday night. I will be there for a couple of days taking in the riding. Then head out to California on Wednesday morninig to Southern Cal.  I would love to thit the roads that Cali is known for. Also direct advise me on where the local hang outs are and also a good place to bunk. Please PM me numbers if you have time.

Where you going in So Cal? Let me know where your gonna be and I will try to make it there.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Hmm, LA on Wed? I'll see if I can wrangle a couple of days off and show you guys around. I'm sure you'll want to go to Mulholland and the Rock Store, Angeles Crest, Marc knows Palomar Mt like the back of his hand. If not maybe Cisco, or Sterling (like the way I volunteer people?)
How long are you planning on being in LA?
Roger that Colonel Brennanop I am reporting for duty! You know us Cali folk we show off our roads every chance we get!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Big E I will try and get a day off so we can do some riding! See ya when you get here no matter what. At least for dinner or something.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Thanks for the reply guys. Should be heading out this Thursday for Vegas. So I should hit Vegas hopefully by Sunday evening at the latest. Rest a day then I will be heading out to some part of Southern California. I dont know exactly how all the cities are laid out. Most likely will be taking 70 all the way out west. I hope the weather cooperates with us. Everything looks good but I am worried about hitting Colorado. Anyone know what the weather will be like? Is there the random snow on the Rockies?
I just saw this message... too late? Did you make it to Vegas yet? Drop me a PM if you want to hook up.

Doc! let me know when Big E gets there and when he's going to be in L.A.!!! Marc and I want to hook up and show him the town!
Has anyone heard from Big E?  I'm getting concerned.  I hope he's made it to Vegas, we never exchanged numbers, so I hope he gets to a computer and posts here or something.

I don't have any plans yet for Sunday. I have a game on Monday night.
Big E has my cell number but I haven't heard from him.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I'll mail you my #s so you can call me when he calls you.
Maybe I'm worrying too much, but it's a long way to go.
The last update I got from Howlin' is he's coming to San Diego Thu. I don't know if he's going to come up to L.A., I hope he does so we can show him the town.