west coast trip route, suggestions and advice


I am planning my summer bike trip from Vancouver BC down to San Francisco then over to Las Vegas. I have a rough outling of the trip planed so far; we start by taking the Port Angeles ferry from Victoria BC to Washington state. ride throught the olympia national forrest and out to the coast. We stop the first night in Seaside Oregon. Day 2 takes us from Seaside to Cresent City CA. day 3 gets us into San Francisco. we spend 48 hours in San Francisco then off through Yosemitie Ntional Park to Bishop CA for the night. Then my personal most anticipated part of the trip, a ride through Death Valley to Vegas.

Just a brief outline of my trip, should be around 60 hours of riding over ten days and my butt is already sore lol. I'm looking for some suggestions or warnings from the locals. what parts of San Francisco should we avoid, what kind of hiden gems are not on the internet. Any advice or suggestions will be very welcome. Also looking for reputable bike shops in the San Fran area, and Vegas areas to get the bikes checked out and chains adjusted etc. in case we run into any issues, I dont foresee that but you never know.
a ride through Death Valley to Vegas

Check out the PashnitRoads.com site: http://www.pashnit.com/motoroads.htm