We have arrived in Reno

Cap I heard through a very reliable source that you have a case of.................

All kidding aside, without trekkie I would be up the creek. He has saved me on numerous occasions. I have been reluctant to take his advice a few times, learned when you travel with someone who has done this many times over, just trust them.
Trekkie has made this an enjoyable trip thus far.
I am lucky to call him my friend. :thumbsup:
Cap, on the road this morning, Between Wendover and Carson City.

by the way, Cap controls all internet access, he finally went to sleepyville, snoring like an 400lb truck driver. Now I have the laptop and am king of the domain.
If I could only find the "ban" button..........:whistle:

Why is it I have to take the action photos? Came out pretty good for interstate speed.


I just came through Wendover with my new to me 05 Busa. That was a long boring ride as I brought the bike back from Wyoming. The XM radio saved my sanity. I wish I knew some Busa owners were in town I would have invited you to ride with me and a buddy today.

If you plan on hitting the twisties Virginia City is nice but watch the traffic and the roads are still a bit dirty on the truck route side. Kingsbury out of Carson is awesome right now and you can carry some nice speed in to some long sweepers.

How long are you in town?
Ahh, now I see why your in town. I just picked up my Hayabusa and now I see you all have arranged this Stampede event in my area.

Looks like fun, try not to get in to much trouble. :beerchug:
Nice hope you guys have a aweosme time from what i have read on the stampede section it should be a great time. Wish i could get away but hay to put up and wheat to harvest dangit