Go Pro cameras just arrived!


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When we were at the bash this past spring I saw skydiver's Go Pro camera and really wanted one to record the rides that we go on... trekkie and I leave for the Stampede this weekend and I waited around and ordered a couple of them late. Thanks to Tim at Pashnit he was able to get me a set in a couple of days... This will be the first long vacation I have had in about 13 years and I am soooooo looking forward to it.

I am going to try and find some good mounting spots tonight so that I can get good shots of the road and Trekkie leaving me in the dust.....




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you are going to love them. I had one on my bike during my accident. It was taking 3 pic every 2 seconds. Ended up with some nice action shots and if you click fast enough you can watch a bug go up a strand of grass. LOL Used it again this past weekend for a charity ride. It was great. I'm gonna use it at night on Friday. I don't know how that will be but wanna check it out anyway.. I had mine mounted on the tank each time..


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Cap, I like mine alot; even rebuilt my frame slider so I could screw a RAM mount into it. You are gonna love it. Make sure you have extra batteries and an extra memory card if you have one lying around. I'm waiting for the software update that is supposed to allow up to 4GB cards....Can't wait to see the video! Have a great time I'm jealous~


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They are really fun, use the slightly rounded mount pad on the top of your helmet....but, mount it with the face shield in the open position so you know you've allowed enough clearance. Sure looking forward to meeting you all next week! Doyle


I'll have mine at the Stampede, I love it!! My buddy has two wides himself, mine is the non wide angle. There should be alot of cool vids and action shots!:thumbsup:

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