Vegas Sux


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First, there was no where nice to take a break...

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Lake Mead?

That looks schweet! Wish I lived out that way... Nice weather all year, tons of BIG rock climbing area (Red Rocks, etc.), twisties galore, gambling, legal prostitution (uh)...

What more could you want?
Tell the truth Doc, what other toys do you have hidden away that could be put to use on Lake (Mead)? A turbocharged jet ski? Looks great! Todd
Boy does that make me glad I can't come. I will enjoy waiting for my wife to give birth much more knowing everyone else will have to be putting up with this kind of stuff.
HEy Big Wall,
You cant BS me, I grew up in Colorado and I know the riding to be had...Dial a Canyon on a weekday afternoon and you are all alone, Yeah...Poor Guy...

Try learning to ride in Colorado, Riding all over that place from the Springs to Ft.Collins for years.  THEN, Move to Florida...You know how many miles of "Curvy Road" I have close to me?  7...Yeah 7 miles of decent country curves...I can ride straight all year though...Winters are nice but I miss the rockies...

Oh Yeah, Looks Rough Doc....
Hi Brennanop..good to see you...was this the ride Doc was putting it's blow'in and snowing.....Busa in da me about valve adjustments..anyone had to replace what milage... And hello to Doc... Faski..
Hey Doc hopefully I can meet up with you or any of the other Vages riders. I am taking off from Maryland on the 9th of May. Hopefully pull in by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.