Hey all,
I finally got the undertail installed and totally completed! I have quite a few photos so if anyone gets a undertail from www.superbikestore.com I can help. Let me know what ya all think, Sorry to keep ya all waiting for sooooo long!

Thus far that is the ONLY undertail that I have seen that I like!!! All that Euro stuff isn't for me. That is clean and true to the bikes original style! I'm diggin it. Now my question is...where in the h#ll are the turning signals? No turn signals is REALLY scare to me. The person behind me NEEDS to know what I'm going to do next.
Yes that's correct, I got two led tail lights behind the clear lense with the turn signal integrator. But I had to use a flasher relay from autozone to slow down the blinks. The led's do not have enough resistance through them so I added some thanks to JohnnyCheese.

Oh, and Daddy that's the reason I went with this tail, It doesn't effect the natural look and styling of the busa!!!!! If you order one I got some darn good install pics for ya!


O Schnapp!!!!!!!!! Thatz my boy do'n it right

 Great mindz think alike

First of all I want to say I like the look of the tail.
Couple of questions for ya,
Did you paint it yourself?
Does it come with any instructions on how much to cut?
Do you still have any storage left under the rear seat?
HOw long did it take you to install?
Any input on the installation would be appreciated.
I had a good friend of mine paint it for me. He's just starting out and thought I'd give him a chance, and he did damn good! Instructions absolutley SUCK! It took me a couple of hours of cutting and fitting to finally understand what it should even fit like. But now I have some excellent pics of the install that I am sending to Dave at superbikestore.com for new instructions. Give me your e-mail and I can send you all the photos, You can only appreciate them if you know what the stock undertail looks like. There is a LOT of cutting, but if I knew I had to cut that much, it would have been a lot quicker process! As for storage you end up with actually MORE space, because you cut off the stock backing plate(black wall behind lights) for the tail lights.

This is the stock undertail installed after being cut.

I think I like that one better than mine.

But don't you also want a Hugger to go with it?

Love your undertail.

My Busa is still too new for me to dismantle it, but I am interested in getting a hugger. Do I just cut off the flap in the back, or do I have to get an undertail also?
You shouldn't need an undertail in order to go with a hugger. Huggers are very simple in comparison to undertails.