Top Gun undertail Installed...!!


I finally received my Top Gun Undertail today and installed it. I started tearing my busa down to install it at 7:30pm and I had it finished at 10:00pm I figured I would snap a few pix and show yall.

Top Gun undertail:

I gotta give a shout out to Silvio at:
And also Chris, also known as cbriggs3 over at!
Thanks, it all fit together perfect and tight, the color match is as close to perfect as it gets and it looks GREAT!
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when you can afford it you should spring for the Libertek LED's. That is what I have in my top gun and they work great.
here is a pic of mine , i got it from extreme graphics, see how i cut thr bottem to fit my tire when i lower it.

Who makes them? Any pictures and where can I get em?  Thanks.
I don't know how to post links but they have a website, do a search in yahoo for libertek and that should get you where you need to go or contact chriss at and he can get them for you.
Looks great! I may have to go with the Topgun... Looking forward to those daytime pics!
Looks good..
I'm still debating which undertail to go with when I get my 'busa.. I tend to like the clear lenses and turn signals on this mototeck undertail.. anyone have this one and want to give a review?

I dunno, The one bonus of the Top Gun undertail is that the little divider in back maintains the bike's lines in profile. A lot of the other I have seen out there have a rather unsatisfactory effect on the lines of the bike, makes them look kinda stubby.

Heres a question, how much trunk space do you loose in the conversion?
Oh And bike looks good Quazy, lets see some daylight shots when you get around to it...
I have the same Top Gun kit on my Busa and I love it - and to answer Revlis' question, You don't lose much trunk space at all. The problem I have had with the Top Gun is that both of my turn signal bulbs have broken/melted and I need to find two new lights to replace them with as now I have no rear turn signals :mad: Could I replace the turn signals with leds?
Love the look of my TopGun. Easy install and the price was only about $230. You should think about a hugger to protect that undertail. Mine was $165 and is carbon fiber from Sylvio.

I hear you Rev. I agree that all the undertails that I have seen seem to change the side-view lines of the bike somewhat. They all seem to look like sci-fi alien eyes from the back and like a sharks mouth from the side. Is there an undertail out there that retains the single stock tail light and profile and has turn signals or at least some way of mounting some cleanly? That is what I want. I just want to get rid of the fender and stock turnsignals. Right now mine is just trimmed up good.
Check E-bay, I think I saw an Undertail that sounds like it would suit you EAK. Though I personally do not like it, it might be just what you are after.

I am pretty much going to follow in Blas32's footsteps here though. I love the Undertail, I'll find a different hugger maybe and add some Liebertecks... Should clean things up pretty well.