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Anyone have any helpful hints for cutting the rear fender for an 03. In the process of installing the top gun undertail. Basically, I'm afraid I'm going to cut too much off and screw the whole thing up. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, how has everyone mounted the license plate after installation.
I just cut the rear fender for my Mototeck. I emptied the storage compartment, removed the hump and entire back fairing piece to expose the rear fender, figured out which wires did what and cut them...removed the lights and got ready to cut...

My husband and I didn't want to cut off too much either because I need the storage.  We were able to cut the fender while it was still on the bike, holding the undertail up to the bike to gauge how much to take off (basically just eye-balling it).  You'll cut in to the storage along the back some, but cutting it while it's on the bike was actually quite easy.

Once we cut the entire fender off, we tried mounting the undertail, realized that we needed to take just a hair more off of the back, cut and filed it again, then mounted with very little gap between the undertail itself and the storage compartment...

I've seen lots of pics of cut fenders that were done while off of the bike, but to save yourself some trouble of dismantling everything, you might want to try that...the entire process took us about 4 hours...the easiest part was cutting the fender with a hand saw...we just threw a blanket over the rear tire to protect it from the saw...

Good luck...

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Thanks for the info. I think I starting to get it figured out.
top gun is pretty fool really can't cut too much. Should have got a carbon fibre plate holder and rivets to hold in place...mine came out good. See attatched....Sorry time to give her a bath today. Don't know where those chunks of rubber came from, must have run something over  

I should top gun had the plate bracket included in the kit, and it's a pretty good piece.
My hubby's going to fabricate a bracket for my license plate and mount it sideways along the swing arm along the braking side...that's the plan...I'll post pics when I get it done...
Got the job done. Thanks for the feedback. I got the license plate bracket too, but haven't used it yet. Mounted the plate next to the rear passenger peg. I gotta say, it came out really nice. What a quality product. I'll post some pic's soon.
oh some pics....I NEED to see a 40th with a gun tail!!!!!
this one got no plastic stock fender, I cut it all out cept for just enough to mount the battery and ECU, I cut it right behind the ECU, drilled holes then zip tied the top to the subframe, now I have mass storage!
what is that up in front of your tire?? cardboard?

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