Top gun undertail


Has anyone installed a top gun undertail from extreme graphics? The dealer said there was no cutting involved, just pop the pins, unhook the light kid and switch out the plastics. Is it this easy?
ALOTTA cutting .....enough to scare ya !!!
Yep, gotta cut the stock storage tray under the rear seat unless you want to just completely remove it and have no storage under the seat at all.
I had to post this message just so we'd have the North, South and Central Ohio riders in here!

Most undertails will simply bolt/pin on. Like the others said though, if you want to retain your stock trunk you'll have to cut that rear fender off at the body line. Then you'll have to attach something to the back, cause there will be a hole there, then put it back together. It's not all that hard, here's a link to some directions for a different model. Cuttings the same though. Shows what to cut.

Install guide for Mototeck Undertail

There was one a while back that replaced the entire fender with a replacement part so you didn't have to cut. I don't know who made that though, and as far as I know it's no longer in production.
+1 on the cutting.. But once done with it I would not go back. Love the look of it.
For the Top have to hack off a good portion of your trunk. Do a search there is a good install, I think it is under Top Gun.
You will definitely cut a lot of the rear off. It does look quite good when its done, though.
The Motorheads Undertail has no cutting involved. It replaces the whole fender.
You can sell your old fender if you want . I got $70 for mine on e-bay . Also you can lower your bike without hitting the fender , something you need to consider if you plan on loweering your bike.

you pretty much hack up your stock undertail ALOT!!!