Top Gun Undertail?


I think that I am going to get a top gun undertail to clean up the look of the rear of the Busa. I was just wondering how hard they are to install. I was looking at the installation on and I see that it requires some cutting. I don't want to try and do it my self and mess up the rear if I cut it wrong and totally mess it up. I'm thinking that I can do it, I just want to see what other people have to say about installing it. Thanks.
Ive installed several of them. I love it compared to all the undertails available. I even posted the list of "ALL" the undertails available for the busa. Even went as far as doing hand made custom annodized alum. LED tail lights/brake lights w/integrated turnsignals just for the topp gunn undertail, and I will offer this. All undertails will require a similar amount of cutting. You actually cannot cut off too much. The install is the cleanest of them all and it's pretty straight forward.

Here is a friends web site with better install instructions and pics of the topp gunn undertail.

Cant beat it. Then consider the LED's. THe provided ones arnt that great. See pic of LED's


$186 to your door UPS ground.  Unless you want it yesterday.  What color?  Black, 00/01 blue, red, med blue (lighter like 1K blue), silver?