New Undertail


Hi all,

I got my new undertail from today. It's the same one that Rhythm's got, I also borrowed a digital camera to show before, during and after pics!!!!!! My local paint dealer found me a match that's just about perfect(don't think I can tell a difference). Gary from super bike store wants me to send him a photo of the undertail installed for his site, My busa will make it's big screen appearence soon!!!!! I plan on working on it tomm. (Wed 7/30). Once I get it fitted and drilled I will be getting it painted. So stay tooned for the end results,

We'll be waiting Big man. So hurry the hell up
. If you need any help just give me a holla Playa, you know how to get n touch with me.
Cant wait to see the results...Marcus, let me know who did your paint, if he's good maybe I'll send my bike there to have him do some paint work on mine...because I'm assuming he's in Corning. Thanks
Well folks I finished the undertail kit! More like the cutting and hacking of my 2003 Busa with only 1000 miles on it??? I have quite a few good pics, Dropped the undertail off tonight to get painted. Hopefully in a couple of day's I'll have pics of it installed so I can post everything together! I'm thinkin that the guy from super bike store should be able to give me a little break or somthin since he's going to use the pics for instructions and internet photos!!!!

See ya soon,

How in the heck are you going to start a tread like this without pictures??? You know we are all dieing to see it! So don't take to long!!