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Just thought I'd run it by some of ya, Check it out!! I just got my domain name accepted and published it right away so there may be some problems, BUT don't be afraid to let me know!! Tomm. I'm gonna try to lower the resolution of some of the pics to help speed up the download process. I've also included some install pics of my undertail, and will soon have install pics of my turbo. My web site address is or click here---->

Thanks for any and all help,


Good work on the site. :beerchug:

Here's a few suggestions for what it's worth.

1.) Remove, or blank out any license plate info in pictures. This is a "public" domain. Just want to be security minded :)

2. Think about generating smaller, low resolution, pictures for the main page. There is a way to add html code that will link to the larger, high res photo, and open it in a seperate window the size of the picture itself. This may even be a Java applet.

3.) If you go with the smaller pics linked to a larger one, then you can program in a message to be displayed during a "mouse over". You can also have alternate text displayed in the event a picture doesn't load due to someone's browser settings.

4.) On your Dyno sheet it looks like your name is displayed as the name of the run. If so, then I would block that out. Same idea as for the license plate.

Overall, I think it's a well organized site with some excellent photos, and information. I designed my own webpage once by hand typing all of the code, but I didn't get that far with the pictures. I had picture pages with thumbnails, but not linked to open a new window. Web design is a lot more work than most people realize. I haven't tried any of the new web software. Is the new stuff a copy/paste sort of thing, or do you still have to type in the html code for every line?

Good luck with the site, and your busa,
Ditto to what stkr00 said to answer the question you emailed me earlier, nice job on the webpage Marc, cant wait to see the Turbo install.
BTW...I bookmarked your site. I'm interested to see that DIY Turbo install. That's quite a project to undertake. Do you have experience with turbo's, or are you just a gearhead like me. :laugh:

Looks like you've got a pretty good handle on things though. Just be carefull.

What so hard about it stkr00 ? I've heard the map that come with the kit is right on time but the cam install is another situation if you go with the spacer plate. I havent look at my manual to see how the cam is placed, is there something different with the way Busa cam it is bolted down?
I already know about Dynoing before and after you install the kit and will have MH do this for me if I dont do the install myself.

I wasn't saying anything was hard. Just that it's an involved project. I've never added a turbo to a bike, or a car, but I've done a lot of wrenching on them. I just know that when you start adding forced induction to a combustion engine, you should make sure that all the components are strong enough to handle the power. All that extra power comes in the form of increased cylinder firing pressures, which translate into additional loads on the main/rod bearings, piston rings, transmission, and drive-line. Usually when you're going to build a blower or nitrous motor, you would go through and replace all of the rotating element with forged components, and where possible, replace head bolts with studs. There are just a lot more forces to deal with than there were originally. The MAP will take car of the A/F mixture. And the wastegate will take care of controlling pressure.

I just said to be carefull, because if you're doing this much work, it's easy to overlook something, and have it come back to bite you in the butt.

I thought TheBull350 was adding a turbo to his bike, but it sounds like you're doing the same mods to your bike.

Good Luck,
You had me alittle worried for a min I thought I missed somthing not that I'm saying that is easy install or that it too difficult to do providing you have the proper tool,instruction and a good source for refference and what Turbo kit you want.  I couldnt agree with you more about the added stress the system will cause on the Bus but I believe that the parts that come with the kit will be more than safe as long as you do your studying on what you want out of the Turbo and make the proper adjustment to satify what your needs are.

I would like to get one but my the budget cant support the want right now so I'll make the best of my time and just research this future mod to the fulliest till the turbo arrives.

What about you , is there a Turbo in the future fo ya ?


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The only thing I would change is on your PAIR information, the air injection system is PURELY for emissions. It's not there to prevent backfiring.
Thanks guy's!

For the liscense plate: this is my old one, that has been turned in. Now I have EXELR8 !!!!

My name on dyno sheet: my last name is all screwed up, there's no way to link my name with the one typed!

JC: I'll make damn sure he hooks it up when the turbo's installed, sucks we missed the stock numbers though!

Stkr00: I'll try to see what I can do about the pics and link you spoke of. I have researched the turbo for over a month now. And have come to find out that 8lbs boost is safe on stock internals without base spacer, but I have added water injection to help that whole issue out of pre-ignition. And the Velocity stage 1 is one of the best kits out there! for fit and finish, it's basically bolt up and go! But I'll take some good pics since while researching I found numerous things that there were no pics to elaborate on(inside track on the deal).
As for the turbo, I've never done one! But I've bored replaced pistons, rods, gears, and about every other moving part inside an engine mostly 4-wheelers(2 stroke and 4) jet ski's (2 stroke and 4) and rebuilt a Mercury Laser 220hp EFI with a toasted crank bearing! So nothin really worries me anymore except those new 6.0L power stroke deisels(Electronics, Electronics)!LOL

Noltez: Thanks, And I will!

Cache: U likey? I couldn't believe it was availible!

Rhythm: Thanks playa, how'd it work on your connection?

Thanks for all the help folks!

Hey Marc I'm gonna have to get back with you own this matter either I'm experiencing a high traffic volume ova here or you need to tone down the resolution alittle bit more :sad: .
I think I straightened it out! downsized the pics then added a larger pic you can link to by clicken on the current pic! Damn lotta time to do this stuff, sure there's a quicker way but how would I learn all the functions of the program? LOL I wish I was a computer geek just once in a while:laugh:

guess what? well it's down till tomm. had to contact tech support to get it back up and they can't do it till tomm. oh well, I'll let ya know.

like I said, wish i was more computer literate sometimes!