Two Lane Blacktop featuring the Dragon


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I just watched a movie from 1971 called Two Lane Black Top with James Taylor and Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) in the lead roles. I rented the movie because I heard there were scenes filmed on the Dragon. The movie has a cult following I guess because of the stars, but I found it pretty uninteresting except for Dragon part. Chapter 13 on the DVD is filmed in the area of the Tail of the Dragon. There is an extended scene at the CROT and it was quite interesting to see what it looked like back then. The pull off at the Fugitive dam looks the same as it does today and the North Carolina State Line sign is identical. The rest of the movie is the strangest cross country race you will ever see:)



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The Far Out World Of The High Speed Scene :laugh:

I actually saw part of this movie this past year on cable :thumbsup:

I remember telling Naomi that's the Gap, that's the CROT


Never Forgotten
Me either. I was in the Navy in Hawaii the first time I saw it and had never been to or heard anything about that part of TN or NC. How times have changed:) I thought it was cool that they had a motorcycle in the CROT scene:beerchug:
That was our cult movie back then too.
I had my first car in 1968, and by 1971 we were all on our way to being wild fools of the day.
I watch that movie now and think "why".

Thanks for the nostalgia. :thumbsup:

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