Turn of events


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What did I do in my previous life.

Last Fri I sold my house. :cheerleader:

Closing on my new house was postponed and should be tomorrow, :banghead: I have been living in a Hotel now for almost a week and I dont like it. :banghead:

Should we close on the house tomorrow I will still stay the night in the hotel so I dont have to try and get all the beds and stuff out of storage that late into the day.

So Fri. I will get the beds and whatnot ready.

Fri. afternoon I will meet up with James ( TWOTONEVERT ) and ride to Eureka with him and Juli where guess what. I will be staying in a HOTEL :banghead:
I feel for you, I got stuck in hotel life for about 60 days 4 years ago waiting for my house... I swear the smell of those DIY waffles makes me gag today...

if you were closer, I would loan you a room :laugh: