Trip to Deals Gap

Big E

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July, 14 2003 to July 18, 2003

The trip to deals gap almost didnt occur.  5 of us were to meet to load up the bikes onto 2 trailers.  2 GSXR 1000's, Hayabusa, Honda CBR 929, and a Yamaha R6. The driver of one of the trucks had a little mishap a few hours before we were to meet up. He lost control of the bike and ran into a curb.  Bent both wheels. Luckily a buddy of mine had an extra set for sale.  We take off from Rockville, MD for Pigeon Forge TN.  We reached our destination in about 7 1/2 hours.  We unloaded all the bikes, and inspected all the bikes. Got to work and installed the wheels onto the gixxer 1000 with the bent wheels.   I cannot describe in words what deals gap is.  I thought to myseld, who the hell in there f%ed up mind would design such a road.  The first pass went by real quick.  We came up from the TN side.  Pulled over at the Deals Gap resort shop.  BSed some and headhed out to the Cherohola Skyway.  If anyone is big on long sweepers this is the road for you.  I didnt see a single car on the entire run on the skyway.  I hate typing, I will just post pics instead.  

The first pic is a shot off the Smokey MTNs.  Avoid this road at all cost.  Too much damn tourist traffic. Great scenary though

From left to right. Daniel (R6), Rex (929), Troy (Gix 1000), Eddie (Gix 1000) and my ugly mug Eric (hayabusa)

This shot was also on the Smokey MTNs.
On the final pass leaving the gap, one of our riders got bitten by the dragon. He was the veteran of our group. We were all new fishies to the gap. Rex (929) had visted the dragon once a year for the last four years taking in at least 8-10 passes a day at the gap. Came into a left hander. Hard parts started to scrape and eventually the back tire gave out.

Rex walked away from the crash with minor injuries. Had road rash in a few sopts on his knee.

I ran into a couple of Busa's at the Gap.  I didnt get a chance to talk with any of the owners of the bikes. But here are a couple of shots.  Anyone on the board own any of these busa's

Random shots from here on. I F'ed up and didnt post the pics in order. I would have taken more shots, but we were too busy riding and the weather was freaking HOT!