Traded the busa


what's up org people, haven't been on here in a very long time. Due to a heart attack and some other health problems I thought it was time to get off two wheels so I'd been trying to sell the bike for awhile with no real luck, lots of low ballers. Then I got an offer to trade strait up for this! southwind jet boat with a built 454 big block chevy. I jumped on it, its pretty stout. Any way just thought I'd say hey and post up some pics. PEACE
Nice trade! So really the only difference is that now you get to go fast on the water instead of on the street... :laugh:
sweet jesus! i hope your health is on the up and up because that thing looks like it rips. :laugh: reminds me of the movie "The Great Outdoors" Canadian classic. all seriousness, hope all is good.
Hope your health is good, you traded one accident waiting to happen for another I think....
Yea but at lest now I don't have to remember to put my feet down:laugh:

and you won't get road rash if you fall off either :thumbsup:

sorry to hear about the health issues but it looks like you're still living life to the fullest :beerchug: