Touring bike?


Just did 2,000 miles in 5 days on the Busa. This bike is not the best for day to day touring. The riding position can be very uncomfortable on long rides. Carrying luggage is a problem and tire wear is excessive. Also, with the speedo running to fast, its a pain knowing your true speed. I think this bike is best for shorter trips.
I put 600 mi on mine last weekend, 300mi on Fri and 300 on Sat. It's not to bad once you go numb.
I have a Blue/ Black 2002 with a Zero Gravity SP windsceen and Heli-bars. Used for touring mainly. It has 9,000 miles on it. Will trade for Goldwing!!!!!
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I use my Busa for touring as well. I did 1000 miles in three days, not too bad. My elbow was the worst part. I still think the Busa is better then my Harley Fatboy. While the Hog is way more comfortable, the vibration and weight suck. I have the Lockhardt Phillips 360 pegs and home-made risers (from the Reaper) and a stock seat. I think it did well.

Yeah anything more than 2 hrs gets my lower back and arms get sore too. Only thing is I can be 100 miles away in 30 mins!
Great topic! Sat night after missing a overnight bike rally i was heading to (never wait for friends to get off work before you leave just meet them there) I decided what the heck the overnight bags on the bike and i feel like rolling. Well the original trip was under 2 hours and 120 -130 miles away. But somehow when i got on the highway i headed south instead of north and the next day I arrived in daytona beach. From my place in NC thats about 650 miles. I hung out for a day tested Shoei X-SPII helmet at a local dealer, and paid a speeding ticket i got there earlier in the year :-( turned around and started back to NC. All in all about 1300 miles.

I've got a stock seat ( but the corbin i ordered should be here this coming weekend), Heli-bars, and a sport-touring screen. To bee honest all i could think of after about 500+ miles is maybe i should have rented that harley road king or gold wing i was thinking about. Mind you I didn't have any lower back pain or wrist pain, but my butt kept saying "Corbin Corbin Corbin", and the windblast after a few hundred miles had my shoulders stiffening up. But more importantly I missed the music. I think the busa can be transformed into a midrange tourer if the pegs are lowered, a Corbin is installed, and we find somewhere to hide the CD changer... Or get a chatter box for music input..

After i get the Corbin and shave some rubber of the pegs I'll let you know my thoughts again.
As a 45 year old school teacher, I have already gone the luxory tourer route and was bored to death. (bmw 1200ltc)
I used it as an everyday transport but at 45, I'm not dead and buried yet. The busa uses all of the skills that I have acquired in 33 years of riding and get that adenaline rush every morning when I fire it up. Careful what you wish for! %Todd :usa: :usa: :usa:
I find that you can get crampped up on the BUSA I did 320 mi last week end.A couple of things to keep you comfy. I have the gen-mar bar risers they help.You need to be well lubed, I mean drink alot of fluids. take frequent stops and stretch alot.The more time you spend in the saddle the longer you'll be able to ride.The faster you go the shorter the trip.
I myself have taken the Busa on three semi-long trips this year.
I installed a ZG DB screen two hours after I brought the bike home from the shop.
After the fiirst trip I figured the bars were just a wee bit too low for my tastes. I raised the bars 1/2inch with washers and bolted in down using the stock hardware. Did the trick. Much more comfy now.
I found the stock seat to be fairly comfortable but I could use a smidge more paddy for a long haul. I bought a pair of mountain biking shorts that have padding throughout the seating area. I can attest to these shorts adding a great deal of comfort on long rides. My butt does not get sore at all.
As for luggage I have a complete set of Joe Rocket bags. Saddlebags and a Rear seat bag. I used double sided tape to stick cut out sections of terry cloth to the side of the bag that faces the bike. Prevents scratches from the bags. The saddle bags are expandanble so sloppy bags are not an issue.
In short
Enjoy your rides
Take your time and have fun
Take frequent breaks, stretch your legs
Take in the scenery
Be glad to just be out riding

Must agree with seraphim, It's a good way of getting around. I'll be going for a little hol soon. I'll send a pic when I've loaded the bike!!
I've done several 300 plus mile rides so far..That would be pain in the butt BOB..but that's all......'cept for elbows last time out..Advil is the big secret to enjoy the Busa to the fullest
...stock seat and bars and far..
I hope Givi cuts loose again with hard bags..super tourer!!!
I took tomorrow off, and am heading up north into South Dakota for my first road trip. 250 miles each way. No record setter, but I'll let you know my thoughts after I'm back.
I'm in the middle of a cross country trip on the big Busa ........

I'll post a big write up with some pics as soon as I get home. My first day I put on 1100 miles .......that's not a typo
1100 miles in a day

After my third tank of fuel I was thinking that "this might not of been my best Idea......" but after the chill of the morning wore off, I relaxed and hauled ass.

The second day I ran into Sturgis with a couple of Harley riders who were hauling through South Dakota at a really good clip. Was Kinda funny in that I would pull over with them so they could refuel and I would still have over half a tank left.

The trip has been a blast so far and and it took 4 days to see the pacific ocean. Coast to coast in 4 days! I was held up in Montana cause the hail was coming down the size of marbles and I could only swing ~500 miles for that day.

I did pick up two tickets on the way
The first in Minnesota where I was blatantly destroying the speed limit......
The State officer was really cool about it. Snuck up right on me before hitting the lights. Said he wanted to get my tag before lighting up. "a lotta you guys usually run" he said.
Told him ,"I was too old for that crap" Gave me a sppeding ticket and warned me that If I was 3 more MPH faster I'd have spent the weekend in jail. We talked a good twenty minutes about all kinds of stuff. Was a real nice guy.

Got the Other in Wyoming. Ugliest damn state I've ever seen!. I was being really good and had the throttlemeister pulling me up a big hill and after cresting I started to pick up speed but was busted before I could throttle back. There was a conveniant turn around right there as he was heading at me......Had it been 2 minutes prior or 2 later there would have been no where for him to cross the median. Just dumb luck...... Was thinking about just lettin it rip but there is just too much to loose for a measly $120.00

We chatted about 40 minutes afterward about the weather, riding, Sturgis, deer among other things. Found out the dealer never sent in the registration and I was riding on a dead tag.........Let me go on that one....... Really was a great guy. Just doin what he's paid to do, I guess.

Any way gotta run.......... Headed back to the Atlantic again

Will post some pics when I get a chance to really write this up.
Ther was an incident about 60 seconds ahead of me on the way to Sturgis where two riders wnet down. The pool of blood in the lane was more than enough incentive to always wear full gear. From outside PA all the way to the border of Washington State they'll fine you for no seat belt but you can ride without a helmet..........Ironic isn't it


Allright Johnny !!!  

Be careful out there dude!

How fast were you goin & radar detector or no?
Sounds like a good expirience I'd love to do the trip myself but I don't think I would do it on my BUSA.What state did you start from?
Injoy the ride, it sounds like fun. to bad about the tickets.
Started from Eastern Pennsylvania.

No radar detector.

Minnesota.....laser 97/70

Wyoming...radar 87/75

I'd a beat that one with a detector

Oh! by the way

As for comfort add ons

Zero gravity wind screen .... ST model
That's it

I prepared for this ride by riding my bicycle 30-50 miles a day and if you see that seat the busa's is basically a mattress!

Gotta saddle up!