tomorrow is the big day....soooo nervous


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Well, I just graduated from college with a degree in criminal justice and sociology. My plan is to go into LE, even though I keep hearing to be a firefighter instead:laugh:. Well tomorrow is my first physical/written test with a local PD. I can't even tell you guys how nervous I am. I just don't want to look like a fool and not be able to pass something. My friends who are in LE say that once I get there, my adrenaline will be pumpin so hard it'll be easy to pass all the physical stuff.

Here in IL, we have the P.O.W.E.R. test that is a standard throughout the state. I'll have to bench press 98% of my body weight so roughly 200lb bench press. From there, we go to the sit up test: 37 sit ups in 60 seconds. This is what makes me the most nervous...try it guys, its harder than you think. From there, it is the sit and reach test...16 inches. One inch past the end of your toes. and the final test is 1.5 mile run in under 13 minutes.

I leave home at 5 A.M. to get to the test site. Wish me luck guys, I'm freakin out over here:nervous:

head east busa

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good luck but you should ace that no problem I'm outta shape ( well I'm in a shape but its kinda round) and With the exception of the run the rest I can do. You should hit this no problem man and let us know how it turned out. :thumbsup:


Do not stress over it. My brother is a cop and he says that is what really hurts canidates. Go into it relaxed. He says to just get a good breakfast and do some good stretching and warm up exercises. Good luck!!! :thumbsup::beerchug::thumbsup::cheerleader:


If you run on a regular basis, like your suppose to, you will do fine. That was the only challenging part for me. Let use know what happens. GOOD LUCK! :beerchug:


as your buddies have told ya..once the whistle blows your body will know what it has to do...should be no problems...wouldn't hurt if you had done some physical training in these preceding weeks:laugh:


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I would also consider looking into the Diplomatc Security Service or some other federal Law Enforcement Agency they make much better money then a local PD, not to mention maybe doing a tour in the military, good way to pay off those school loans. Best of luck to you.


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Knock 'em dead, Mikey.

Looking forward to a good report.



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Good luck, the test sounds fairly challenging for someone not used to to physical exertion. I that a one time requirement or is it an annual or semi-annual requirement? LE would be in decent shape if that's a semi-annual requirement.

Go get some!


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Good luck.

"Run" a mile and a half in thirteen minutes? That seems like a fast walk to me.

Here's what to the first mile in seven minutes - stop to take a cigarette break for three minutes - then use the last three minutes to run the last half mile.

That will be certain to impress.

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