To stand. . with no stand.


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Hey.. time for new tires and most places around here quote about 15$ to change per tire if you take them off.. or 30$ per tire if you just bring the bike.. being the expectant father with a new home I am .. I am loathe (read "too broke") to buy a stand to put the bike on whilest I am having the tires changed...

Is there anyway to "SAFELY" take the wheels off myself?

safety is very important.. if you have to say something like... ". . . just don't brush against it, or let the wind blow on it cuz it will fall" it's not what I wanna do.

it's about saving 30$.. not causing 1000$ in damage when I drop the 'busa.

input appreciated fellars
You know the old saying, "Right tool for the job" well this would be one of those times.  If you do not have the right tools take it to the...Uh Pro's and let them do it.  $30 isn't worth the potential nightmares.  

More! Just in case.
Just sell the baby...Joking let them do the work...$60 bucks ain't bad here it would cost over a $100 for the two...
thats what I sorta figured.. but thought it may have been possible..

I know TNJ does some fancy stuff with some jack stands.. maybe I'll hafta check into that some more.

so which of you guys wants to start the bidding on the wife?

do I hear 35$.. ? 20$? haha.. honestly I wouldn't take any less than a bike stand for her.

Pure ego The jack stands and steel rods work great for the back end, easy to use and rock solid. The front end is not as easy but yea I do have a setup to lift it if ya want. You are welcome to borrow or come over and use the stuff or heck if she reads what ya just wrote you can stay in the garage for a few days.haha