To Speed or Not To Speed


I have had, as i am sure most of us have, our fair share of Police cars following us when we are riding. I had a very unreal experince today when i was pulled over by a state trooper. He walked up to me and started his "do you know why i pulled you over" routine and i was only going about 50 in a 55 because i knew he was behind me. Come to find out he just liked my bike and wanted to see it up close, he told me he thought i was going to slow for my bike and that i should use what it was designed for. Any one every had anything like that happen to them? I was quite suprised by the trooper, but no ticket and on with my way.
Just be thankful. I have been pulled over because a trooper wanted to see my bike up close, to show his partneer.
Here's one for you... Not on a bike, but I was driving a beater 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Station Wagon back in my younger days and got pulled over for "driving too slow" in a 35 MPH zone. My buddy and I had ripped off the muffler "for effect", and we didn't want to draw the cop to us. Instead, my cautious driving brought him in. I think when he didn't smell any whacky tabaccy or booze, he knew we were just two goofs in a beater. But he warned us to "speed up" or we'd get a ticket for blocking traffic. Suffice it to say I was the laughing stock of our drag race group

Honestly, here in Tampa, most police dont go after bikes.

My personal, stupid, childish and dangerous opinion is that speeding on a motorcycle makes you a safer rider.

Follow me for a second here.....

If you are going about 20+ mph faster than the speed limit, you are going faster than the wreckless speeders switching lanes and cutting off the cars behind you. You dont have to worry about a car switching lanes and plowing you off the road, you only need to look forward, not constantly checking your 6 for a tailgater or aggressive driver.

I get alot of people who try to "keep up" with me, and it makes me nervous, so I make it a habit to constantly and safely be passing cars. Not white-lining and driving like a maniac, but going about 15mph faster than everyone else.

I've been pulled over by cops just wanting to see my bike. They usually either own one, own a fast car, or interested in buying one. If this rare occasion happens, I usually give them my card, and tell them "lets go ride sometime!". I got pulled over by a heavyset, black cop who was driving a White Explorer, he was wearing a poop that said "Gang Unit" in St Petersburg. He was the coolest cop I've ever met (that pulled me over at least), he wanted to get a Blackbird 1100XX and wanted my opinion on it.

(I described him in case he reads this message board, thanks d00d!! I appreciate you not giving me a ticket!!!!)

A friend in the force is never a bad thing.

On the highway, depending on the situation, I dont stop. If I'm flying an accidentally pass a cop at 130mph, I nail it and go about 2 exits or 5 miles and get off.

I'd much rather be cut down in a hail of gunfire then go back to the big house

Amen Brother Mikey! My 2002 LE is STILL inbound, Chuck at powersports is doing what he can. I am with you all the way in regards to being the Traffic Shark not the hapless Guppy. For years I have been preaching the same thing. Knifing through knots of cages until I have my open space. Commuting in Tampa if you all don't know is pretty creepy. These dopey bastards have to be some of the worst drivers (As a whole) that I have ever been around, hell even Omaha traffic saw more skills.
I always looked at as taking charge of the traffic, not waiting for someone to get you but actively taking away their opportunities to getcha. Maybe (cornball analogy coming) It's like being the Rancher on his horse as apposed to just one of the heard of cows. Culling through traffic also helps me stay focused, keeps me centered on the task at hand.
As far as the cops go I have also noticed a pretty mellow attitude so long as you are respectful and have all your ducks lined up, proper license, etc...