Tire Speed Rating??


Was wondering what speed rating tires do the guys use that can hit 200+ mph.


Post 1991 Speed Ratings:
There are numerous speed ratings below M, but rarely shown in lists.
The Z is always in the description, as in P225/50ZR16. All other speed ratings are shown in the tire's load index & speed symbol description. P225/50R16 89W

M 81 mph SCTA - Not allowed - lowest speed rating is Q - 225/50R16 89M
N 87 mph SCTA - Not allowed - lowest speed rating is Q - 225/50R16 89N
P 93 mph SCTA - Not allowed - lowest speed rating is Q - 225/50R16 89P
Q 99 mph SCTA -100 mph - 225/50R16 89Q
R 106 mph SCTA - Not in rule book, counts as Q rating. - 225/50R16 89R
S 112 mph SCTA -115 mph - 225/50R16 89S
T 118 mph SCTA -120 mph - 225/50R16 89T
U 124 mph SCTA -130 mph - 225/50R16 89U
H 130 mph SCTA -150 mph - 225/50R16 89H
V 149 mph SCTA - Up to 200 mph - 225/50R16 89V
W 168 mph SCTA - Up to 200 mph - 225/50R16 89W
Y 186 mph SCTA - Up to 200 mph - 225/50R16 89Y
Y over 186 mph SCTA - Up to 200 mph - 225/50ZR16 89Y

Over 200 mph - Tire speed ratings no longer apply.

From Landracing.com


On to motorcycles.
The speed ratings of the tires are as noted above. Motorcycle tires use either the speed rating in the body of the designation or in the load index and speed symbol.
Speed ratings are European Commission for Europe Regulation 30 (ECE 30) European Indoor Wheel Test Standards.
Tire speed ratings are not required by U.S. law.

Tire speed ratings M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T and U - SCTA - Any tire designated for motorcycle use is permitted 0-70 mph
H 130 mph SCTA 71-130 mph
V 149 mph SCTA 131-150 mph - If shaved, up to 200 mph. Generally, shaving removes the bulk of the rubber and only leaves a thin layer with no cords showing. This reduces the centrifugal forces on the tire.
Z (Listed as ZR in the rule book) SCTA - Up to 200 mph - This would include Y and W rating as they are above Z.
Over 200 mph - speed ratings no longer apply.


Top Gun
I haven't been 200mph on them(or any other tire), but they stick like glue in curves.
Friend has them on his CBR1k that I ride. I'm a bum, I don't have a bike right now.
I had a few sets of Q2's on a couple of my bikes too.
Awesome tires.

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