Thought this was an awesome idea from an airline...

we were just talking about this here (since I work for an airline) . I thought it was pretty cool but you couldn't do it here in "Merica" cause someone would get all butthurt cause its a santa and you're saying Christams. ( I know all do not celebrate ) But here in the land of the free we have rules govening this type of behavior. You can't go out and say one holiday saying without including ALL the others . I know you all know what i'm talking about. But I would have said a Turbo for my bike!! (its my typical answer everytime someone asks me)
My standard answer to this question is "Lamborghini Aventador", or whatever the latest Lamborghini happens to be. Sometimes I will put "Solid Gold" in front of Lamborghini. I would settle for carbon fiber though.
I always fly westjet when on business. you cant beat them. Planes a little dated but top service , no charges for jumping flights to get home days early if you want. free beverages!
It's good to see at least one airline giving back... Hell, I had to get a second mortgage to fly to mexico a couple months ago.... :lol: