This is how we do it in Cali!!


Everyone in the cold and snow has been asking for pictures of us in the sunny states riding during the winter. Well, yesterday was about 72 degrees here and ALL the bikes were out!! This is me and some of my riding buddies doing it Cali style.....

Me and the gang at Lake Berryessa, after about 1/2 day of riding. Nothing but twistes... ahhhhhhhhhh (only 1 other Busa in the group)

That's incredible. I'm so jealous. Can you send some sunshine up here please. Glad to see someone is bathing in warmth. Have fun
I couldn't believe this one my self, but there was boats out on the lake in the background of this picture!! That's how warm it was......
Girl you do'n the damn thang. I love to see women on bikes but normally the one's I see are on 600's so to see you on all that busa damn near turns me on
last one.... this is a popular stopping point for the twisties that circle Lake Berryessa. You can go 1 of 3 different ways from this area... I was the ONLY female out there, and riding a Busa! I represented well for you guys here at Told em' every pic was for my buddies on the board in the snow to help warm em up!!!! smooches gang......

How far is this from Laguna? Hope you have a couple of nice rides planned for us in July.

I second that Thinker. Still not 100% but getting closer every day to buying tickets and setting up a hotel.
When you guys come out for Laguna I have many awesome rides planned for you!! This can be one of them if you like... It's not really close to Monterey, but it's not too far either!! I will be your tour guide. You just let me know what is your desire!! It will be so wonderful having a bunch of Busa's out here riding together!!!!!

Can't wait!!!!!

Yeah that would be pretty tight.

Hey Lo, I got the feeling that you may be able to convince Stunnah to make that trip. How about working on that for a brotha.
Yeah that would be pretty tight.

Hey Lo, I got the feeling that you may be able to convince Stunnah to make that trip.  How about working on that for a brotha.
We know that Lo is the cream of the crop, but in case you missed my other posts, there will be a lot of female riders out there.

Hey Lo, try to think of a good spot for a group photo. I would like to have some nice Cali scenery in the background.

What's up stunnah, you can't make it to Cali to hang with the family. I'll have dat CROWN waiting on you if you come.

Lucky dogs!!! All I have is snow! Moved the busa from the living room to the garage to take the picture with the snow. Thats as far and as fast as the busa has gone since November!! Great pictures of your ride Lo.... Thanks for showing the pictures and taking all of us in snow with you through the pictures! Only 3 months for us to go here!!! Were half way to spring!!!

Lori, looks like you had a blast! I rode yesterday too... was sunny nice... forgot my daym camera.

I will not forget my camera again