The tankslapper


This post is for those who don't like the look of the half tank bra and still want protection for your Busa's tank. I purchased this 3m coating from a company called tankslapper. Its a clear coating that is applied to the tank to protect the paint from damage. I applied the kit in about 15 minutes and it was very easy with no problems encountered. The results were excellent I now have tank paint protection with out a tank bra or tank pad and unless you look very closely you cannot see the 3m protection at all. I don't know how durable this will be but I love the look of no tank bra. If your interested the site is They even have pictures on the site of how to install the product...........Knebnr

Ps the price is 14.95 a damn good deal........
Bought one loved it... easy to aply and no one believes me when i tell them i have a tank bra on.. I could have won enough bets on that alone to have more than paid for it.
Thanx guys thats exactly what I've been looking for ...just ordered.