The sugarbritches that dont get it!


   Dear Everyone,

         I would like to know your opinions on how you feel when someone comes up to your motorcycle and rubs there greasy fingers or ass all over your new, freshly cleaned bike.  Personally this pisses me off.  I would also like to know if the oils that come off a persons skin can be harmful to the bike.  Also, I had an experience today, were some jackass decided to lean his arm on my mirror assembly.  I noticed a slight bend when he leaned on it, however it sprung back up to its origanal position.  From what me and my dad can tell it did not harm one damn thing.  However, I would like to know your guys feelings on the subject.  Plus when someone touches the paint of the bike, does that harm anything as well.

                                                  Thank You!!!!





whoa there cowboy simmer down a little.
I dont think the oil's from our hands will hurt the paint if it does how would we ride it without hurting it or how would we work on it.. see my point...If your going to ride the finest ride on the street you should get used to this because it's going to happen alot more :argue:
The only time I got really pissed, was when a Drunk Harly guy sat on my new bike (rf900 at the time) and was asking his buddies if they "had some rice to get it started" Lucky I walked up at the time, it was at a lake festival, I respectfully told him to get off my bike, and he gave me no problems,
Thats a situation that could have got Ugly in a hurry!
Moral of the story,,,,, keep your cool,,,politely ask people who are around your bike not to touch or sit on it, and 90% of the time you'll get no problems. Don't be a wimp though, the other 10% sometimes need more perswasive measures.

:hammerhead: :argue:
I'm all about HOW they do it. If they show alot of respect and curiousity, or ask, then its OK. If some guy just says oh look at that and starts putting his hands all over it, it pisses me off.

I get this crap in the 'vette all the time. Some little kid who loves the car comes up and puts both hands and his nose against the window in a parking lot.

One day I came back, got in the car, looked out my window and two handprints with a small round print in the middle. Uggh. I know the kid probably loved it, but gee whiz.
Of course this changes if the person is a petite female, about 5'5 and wearing skimpy clothes or a bikini....she can touch my busa anyday or time!!


The Watcher
Yes "She" can rub her body oils on my seat and tank anytime. I will polish the butt marks out later.
ive always seen times like that to be a great way to meet new people. i mean, hell, someone likes mah shtuff... you never know who someone is or what you can learn from em.
I guess it all depends on how you look at it... For example. If anyone ( including you ) touches you bike you will more than likely leave a clear coat scratch of some kind on the bike. So, when my bike collects some dust after a day out in the canyons and someone lays their hands on it I tend to get a little pissed. But, I know that my knee puck will toss rocks etc on the lowers when I put my knee down. Should I stop doing that.. HELL NO!. Should I follow behind someone and leave at least 100 feet to keep rocks from chipping the nose/fender everytime I'm out.. NO. Do your best to keep you bike in good condition..but poop is gonna happen to it regardless. Thats just he way it is. But I can understand where you are coming from. Most 'Busa riders are very picky about the looks of their bikes.

Bad Dog


The Watcher
Parked the bike Monday came out and found someone sitting on it. Let me tell you, i almost crapped my pants. I aked them very nice not to do that again or I would pull their ears off.

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