The NASTIEST STILL RUNNING PC on the planet contest - I win


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The machine in our New Orleans location went down, this is what I found when I got it back today...

I really like the coffee stain down the front, and that line in the bottom of the box is where I ran my finger across it.....disgusting....

IMG_1831 (Large).jpg

IMG_1832 (Large).jpg

IMG_1833 (Large).jpg

IMG_1834 (Large).jpg

IMG_1835 (Large).jpg

IMG_1836 (Large).jpg
I can't believe you force your employees to work with such poor equipment.
You should be ashamed. Terrible boss you are!'s KINDA working anyway...the hard drive failed but a checkdsk fixed it; except right now I can't get a desktop to fully load - most likely a recent restore will get it...

The location is a leased property built in the 60's. It's got some kind of spayed-on roof insulation (not asbestos than God), that is now coming off in pieces. On top of that, it's across the street from a rock crushing operation - nothing but dust. It's admittedly nasty and I wouldn't live in it, but the employees we kept (we bought an existing company out of failure) don't really act like they care much (or they'd do a better job of cleaning after themselves too). We have a crew down there right now that is having a big junk party and replacing all the ceiing tiles; our deal for lease renewal includes ripping out all the flooring and replacing with tile. Once we get that done, we'll have a better chance of keeping it cleaner.
thats nasty, is that an old spill of liquid on the bottom of the case?
Oh yeah, looks like someone set a cup of coffee on it, and dumped it...

After 3 hours, I've finally got it all cleaned out, looks pretty dang good now. It's still got some issues that I haven't figured out just yet...but I'm getting there.
I do IT work for the USAF and I have seen some pretty bad PC's in my time. I have seen a few in the desert (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Etc) that were worse than that and were still "working"... That is a pretty good one though.
ok fair enough...PS the build date on this machine was in '95...

Wow! That's so clean I'd set my coffee on it. :rofl: :rofl:

And a build date of 95? Wtf? I refer back to my first post. :laugh:
And now, FINALLY, it's running like new money...It took Combofix (which I don't use lightly) in order to fix it (along with researching and correcting event log errors). I am AGAIN TRIUMPANT!

Oh yeah, and I had fun looking at what my employee is surfing to all day while at work (I have his URL listing by date/time for ever URL he's been to in the last 2 weeks)...but that's a subject for another conversation w/him....oh, and all his email too....I wish ppl would stop using their company email address to register for personal stuff! For goodness sakes, get a Hotmail or Gmail account and leave us out of it!
Ok YOU win...that 2nd pic looks like the identical model Dell...