Taking a long road trip


My buddy and I are going on a road trip to the Southwest to escape the rain for a couple of weeks. I've pretty much got all the clothing and electronic gear I'll need now (radar detector, two-way comm system, music hookup, in-helmet speakers.) I am going to take the liberty of ordering a set of new tires to pick up in San Diego next Friday, as it's probably reasonable to expect on a 4000 mile trip I'll eat my current set up.

Do you guys have any recommendations for anything else I should consider for a long trip to make it more comfortable and/or fun, or any long-trip motorcycle essentials I might have forgotten? (this will be my first long trip, but my buddy is taking his car along so I'll have a place to carry extra gear.)

P.S. I promise lots of nice pictures of Highway 101 and the desert.
Damn.. sounds like a long haul indeed! Have a safe one~ Pick up one them flat kits~ I can't think of who exactly makes them, but I'm thinking of the one with the CO2 cartridges and plugs~ I think they're like 30$ at most auto stores~ Good to have for a quick fix when out on the road away from civilization~ Just plug and pump it up with the cartridges and it will get you to where you can get it repaired/replaced properly~

Again.. have safe one and get lots of pics!!
First,,,,,,,,, leave the wife home

Where are you headed and how many are going? Is your buddy driving his car and you on your busa? What's up there? I just live down the road from you and am wishing I was going too
Just make sure you check the mountain passes before you leave. Wouldn't be fun to get caught up in the pass with snow coming down. Good Luck and have fun!
jealous That I Am!!!! Take enough cash to really enjoy yourself. Stop at as many places as possible and take a boat load of pics. Get a memory stick for the digital and the battery charger for the camera.......Forget about the bike, she'll run fine ALL THE WAY!!!!
Have a great time,,,,,, post the pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and take a flat tire kit and maybe some rain gear just incase.....Enjoy
It's just the two of us. I'm not married so that's not a problem
He's taking the car, I am riding. He took the MSF course, and decided he couldn't pay enough attention to safely ride a bike.
Take a cell phone and get RVRoadhelp.com for a tow service that offers UNLIMITED towing until you can get to where you need to go to get repairs. Good for anything you're riding or driving.
Long underwear and a fat wallet...
  Odd time of year for a road trip but have fun and wear your gear.  You may wanna check out  www.actionstation.com also see the cover of this months  www.friction-zone.com magazine  cool shot of winter rides.

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