Tach wire


I have a raptor shift light. I am trying to figure out what and where the wire is that Im supposed to tap into for the tach wire...green. I think I am going to tap into the fused ignition wire for the positve...the ground wire Im still looking also...but that will be much more easy. Thanks!
An extra set of wires on the right side of the bike near the turn signal. They will give you power and ground. The tach can be taken off the back of the gauge cluster (yellow with blue). Here's a set of install instructions: Raptor Shift Light
I just installed mine last week and LOVE IT. I got the Blue LEDs. Works great!! Follow there instructions as given in a link above. The yellow wire with blue stripe is tach wire coming out of the back of gauge cluster. There is a set of wires on the right side by the right air intake with a connector on the end of it unused. It is switched and that is what I used. I know one was brown w/ white stripe and the other was black w/ white stripe
Again the instructions above in that link are thorough. Any help just write
I did finish the install. The above information was very helpful, thanks all. Now to test it out...HEHE:p