Switching to hayabusa need insurance help


had a r1 now i am ready to hang with the big boys where in california can i find the best insurance rates that is the only thing that is postponing cuz i cant find a good rate to save my life. im 21 no tickets and no accidents. if you could leave your agent and number if you are happy with your insurance that would be awsome. i cant wait the silver titanium busa will be mine.
State Farm insurance has always had the best rates for me.
Hit the yellow pages, that's my only advice. State Farm may be great with one agent but will totally suck with another somewhere else.
We have had this question before and Hands Down its State Fram Insurance Co. I don't have any Idea what the rates are in Cali, but here in Oklahoma there are very cheap. I pay $189.00 every 6 months and its fiixing to drop when I get into preferred rates. It also has alot to do with the County you live in, check with some friends and see what they pay. You might be able to get a better rate in another county (they go by the one you live in though) get a PO box in that county and have the insurance sent to it or a friends house.. Just a suggestion, but you shouldn't listen to me..lol...
State Farm

I'm in Norcal and got my Ins. for $354/yr full coverage.
I was getting quotes for $1000, $2000, and even a $9000/yr if you can believe that!! I made many calls and then I called State Farm. YMMV however, I talked with a guy at the dealership who had a Busa, who said he had Ins. through Liberty Mutual for $198/yr. I called them and they quoted me $1100. Go figure.