Supercharged Busa Vs Kawasaki H2?


Seems like for street racing the supercharger is quicker to react. It looks like they are putting out about 325whp. How well would it do against an H2 that is built to around the same power?
Do things like the engine size 1340 vs 1000 matter in a supercharger setup?

Mr Brown

A blower has no lag, so power is instant-on where a turbo takes a moment to spool.
Engine size matters less than boost pressure. An engine is essentially an air pump: the combustion cycle (4stroke) pulls air in, (intake stroke) compresses it, (compression stroke) ignites it, (combustion stroke) and expels it (exhaust stroke). Suck, squish, bang, blow. In the most basic of explanations, forced induction crams more air into the cylinder than available at ambient pressure, which when extra fuel is added, results in a bigger and thus more powerful explosion. Yes, larger displacement makes more power all other things being equal, but there are many variables. Does that make sense?

Mr Brown

With street racing the ability to get the power to the ground is hands down the most important part of the equation. Chassis setup and rider/driver ability are the keys to winning. I believe that's why roll racing was invented, it takes skill out of the equation and lets big power win. Money can buy power, skill is harder to find...
Some interesting comments from @Boosted Cycle Perf


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