Sunday Racing...


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I have had my Busa now since the middle of summer and I have not had any worthy racing opponents to date until today... (just a bunch of rice cookers and such, no contest there...)

Background of my Busa before the race...

-1 in the front
yoshi full exhaust

temp: 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Today I was sitting on Gun Club Rd. and I-70 here in Denver. I was sitting in a double-turn lane to enter the on ramp to I-70. There was a Vette in front of me and a Van beside him, so I was boxed in behind the vette until we could at least get on the highway...

I figured I would take the turn into the ramp normally and then see where we are at for racing if he is up to it... The light turns green, the Vette makes the turn and I follow him loosely while making the turn.

By the time I had fully made the turn and was comfortable with hitting it, the Vette was almost exiting the on ramp.(I was about quarter or half way through the ramp to give you perspective.)

As soon as I saw him down the ramp a ways I knew he was hitting it... So I let her rip.... red line in first, red line in second, INTO THE RED ON third, middle of fourth, I walked him. (or ran him :) ) depending on how you want to look at it.

First time getting to really open her up for a good race. I now see that I will probably invest in a NOS or Turbo kit some time next year. Don't get me wrong, I was a fair distance behind and it probably took about 140 MPH to pass him from where I was. Not the expert driver yet and if I had been more aggressive at the start, he wouldn't have had a chance, but giving him that head start made it much more interesting and fun to race.

I have to admit in the car realm, there really are no worthy contenders. Haven't had a chance to race a bike yet...

Whats up cloud, I know exactly where you were. If you stick around that area you might see a bunch of bikes (at night) follow them and you will get to race your first bike for sure, you'll hand them thier ass though....still fun.


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hey Denver guys,I posted on the area header for Colorado but i think it would be cool to hook up with other Busa guys.
Im in southeast Aurora.Tell me what ya think
I get off of work at 5:30 and have the evening open-Wife in at school....Give me a call at you know it now.If i dont answer just leave a message.Hope to hear from ya...........Rodney

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Got your message this morning; sorry I wasn't able to hook up with you guys over the weekend, but I definetely am up for it. Keep in mind when you are riding next time. Maybe this weekend?

looks like it will be kinda cold this weekend, never know though, I am convinced these denver weather people have thier head up thier a$$. I will shoot ya an e-mail or a PM or something. Mabee we could hook up tomorrow evening or something and go for a ride.

Springs weather guys are the same FGB. Let's do hook up sometime. Try in the area thread or something.

Later fellas