Suggestions for next Spring or Fall Bash.

I keep reading this thread and to tell you guys the truth it kind of makes me filll like crap! Most of you know that I crashed on the Skyway in 2010 and yes it was during the Spring Bash and yes it was a group ride and yes I took a helicopter ride.
I have no idea why I crashed (can't remember), but I'm certain it had nothing to do with it being a group ride and it was in no way the leaders fault, sweepers fault, etc. it was mine and only mines fault. We was riding at posted speeds, the roads where clean. I simply screwed up somehow!
Now to the part that sucks. I hate that I in anyway messed up anyone else's ride and I truly hope that in no way ppl. get a bad taste for group rides because of my wreck! Again the group had nothing to do with it.
I will say that it was GREAT having so many friends at the scene to help me, folks that actually knew what to do!!
You know that has been 2 years ago and I still go back and read the post of you guys sending me well wishes and prayers and it still makes a big lug like me get teary eyed knowing so many ppl. cared.
I'll shut up now, I said more on this post than all my other post combined.



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I think most folks know that accidents can just happen, without any specific cause. Now if someone is acting like an a$$hat, that's a totally different scenario. Road conditions can play a major part and we are not always able to see that little bit of sand/gravel and then oooops. Glad things turned out as they did for you!


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Willie you are fine, wasn't bashing you, just been to and seen too many wrecks on rides that involve groups of riders and I've had my own experience as well, almost killing my wife that august day was not kewl, mechanical failure or not, it's changed the way I ride and my comfort level by 1000 points.
Guys believe I wasn't taking this as any kind of bashing. It just sucks to be the one who ruins so many other peoples ride! Looking back at it I could have never picked a better group to have had my wreck with. I mean who wrecks and has a doctor right there. I have rode with other guys in the past that was great guys, but wouldn't have known how to deal with the same situation. I'm just going to come out and say it, God was looking out for me that day. He put me with a great group of folks that knew what they was doing!

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