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Im fairly new here, and I notice alot of the guys here like to do performance mods on their bikes. I prefer the stock bikes . Considering the factory performance of this bike, seems like wasting money to make it go faster , unless your in Bonneville. I ride on the roads. How many of you guys have bone stock bikes, and whats the age group here
Im 49, Im thinking alot of "older" riders buy these bikes.
thanks in advance.


Well im 40 and ive only done small appearence mods and exaust only cause the stockers are pigs. Im not a canyon carver and only pop over a hundo once and a great while. Its mainly a cruiser for my wife and I. I love the bike as its my 2nd busa. Got 10,000 on the ticker and its not a year old yet. Might as well throw a pic in there.



I'm 32 and am basically all stock. Only things I've done on the 06 is cut the mud flap off the back, exhaust can mod, rear turn signals, and frame sliders. There's a few more apperance things I want, but performance wise, she's fine like she is.

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Had a few mods but returned the bike to mostly stock. Only mods now are the exhaust, 1" risers, sliders, spools and 2+ on the rear sprocket. Geezzz...guess that is a modded bike. Nevermind !
However, If someone told me I could only have a Busa if I kept it all stock it wouldnt be hard to live with. It really is a great bike right out of the box. Older riders buy them because "age brings widsom" ! (Cap told me that)



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I'm with you on the mods. I do have a full M4 titanium exhaust on my 08 but that's about it. I did put steel brake lines on the front and better pads. I also mounted a 45T rear sprocket and tuned the suspension. That's it! I've owned six busa's and this is the first to have a full exhaust system. The only reason it got a full system is I could buy the M4 cheap and it cut 30 pounds off the fat chick.

It's rare to find a busa rider who can spank his ride. Most just want to make their beloved busa unique and look nice. I think it's great to have people who take pride in their ride. Some are exceptionally beautiful. But for me, I don't put much aftermarket money into the bike because I'm aware I'll get little of that money back when it's time for us to part ways.


38 here and other then a few cosmetic (1340 stickers, screens, dark windscreen and heated grips) mine is all stock.

Personally I don't mind people modding 'em out to make them quicker/faster but for me to justify the related costs associated with doing so I'd have to be doing track or drag days to which I do neither so, I'll live with it being slower (:whistle:) and stock.



I've got D&D cans, modded the airbox, bobbed the mudflap, and dialed the suspension to my weight. I do like canyon carving, and now that I'm not commuting that's her main purpose with pleasure riding with the wife on her bike.

However the future holds a few mods, I'm wanting to see if I can go 200+ one of these days, so I'm going to be do a little head work, full exhaust, dyno tune, just enough to break 200 but not take the driveability out of her.


i'm 21 and the only mods i have done is a few things to make it look better and take my cans off sometimes to make it loud :laugh:

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50 and changed the pipe for looks and a bit of sound.. the rest of the changes? appearance and handling improvement..

like Tuf said, not many can really ride these things to the limit anyway, a chimp can hold the throttle open down a 3 mile straightaway, bend it into a corner and they drop like flies...

has been a real learning experience getting this thing around a road course.. certainly no need for more HP on that count..


Pushing 60 but always do mods, just in the blood to do so. First Busa, not first bike but have done exhaust, risers, fender eliminated, Corbin seat and back rest , and ZG double bubble so far.
Other mods planned for the winter months, braided brake lines, fuel management, shift kit, and the rest we shall see.


24 years old. Got an 06' all thats done to her is lowered 3" in the rear, changed my factory exhaust to 2AKROS LOL. And also i put an intergrated smoked tail light, I had shinko rubbers but now i put perelli Diablo on right now, busa grips, tank guard, wrist bands covering my resovoir's (busa wrist bands), Exhaust block off's and then a strap up front for the track. Other than that the motor is stock and no air shifter or anything fancy i haven't done it yet but it's to come! :beerchug:


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I'm 65 and aside from removal of stickers and reflectors, my baby is completely stock! Most see the stock cans as ugly, but I could care less, I like the look and quietness of the stock busa and when you get right down to it, that's all that really matters.



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full exhaust ,highflow filter, sliders ,doublebubble hotbodies tail section oversize intakes and swaped the gold wheels for black. I am 42 and picking up levers as I write this. I did not have any other pics on my laptop. I did fab and install the sissybar on the chopper though.



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Well, I'm 35 and have done several mods. Mainly appearance and comfort mods. Only performance mod is a full Devil High Mount system. I do plan on shooting for the 200mph mark someday but for now, I'm happy with the way she is. I do like her to be unique though. There are a lot of black '07 running around, but none look exactly like mine.

I have listed the mods done in my sig.



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I'll be 70 in 8 mo, so I'm at everyones' fave nr. Stock fine, a classic is born. Out of the
crazy, boondoggled streets of vegas, I'll unreign this thoroughbred!


Soon 2be 44 here. I have an 08. The engine is stock,but I do have Brocks alienhead slip ons. Its extended 6 inches with a longer chain(ZZZ,of course) and i am +4 on the rear sprocket and -2 in the front. Suspension is lowered 1 inch front(by way of Roaring toys top clamp)and rear is lowered with soupys window links. Removed the rear mud flap and relocated and fabricated a new license plate bracket that bolts to the rear brake caliper. I do dragrace it and for that I use air shifter,Shinko rear tire,front lowering strap, and double bubble windshield. So far my best et is a 10.44@135.27 mph.

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