starter clutch actin up


I think my starter is actin up. i trid to start the bike but the starter gear would slip on me and I would hear a clanking sound. Should I just take it in to the dealership or not worry about it.
Edited DO NOT start your bike (2002 or older, right?) again!!! YOU FACE POTENTIAL CATASTROPHIC FAILURE!

Call your dealership! ASAP

You are prime candidant for the starter clutch recall!

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Insist that they come flatbed your Busa in for the recall. Don't attempt to ride it in. Take this seriously.

Let me find a thread for you to read.

I just got mine back from some very major motor case rework from a faulty starter!

Take it to your dealer and get it fixed NOW!!!!!

Dont ride it, put it in a truck and take it there!!!

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Should be good for starters.

Read up! Good luck

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I was trying to type my post and then you posted. That answered my question. :D :D Appearently they fixed the problem with the 2003:super:?:super:???

Yes, it involves years 1999 through 2002. Read those threads. What you WILL pick up is that unless you have a dealer that is really on your side AND will go to bat for you, American Suzuki WILL NOT REPLACE your starter clutch assemble.

The wording is paramount. You have to make sure you 'state' exactly that your starter is 'grinding' and 'kicking back'.

They will inspect for 'potential' damage and determine if the repair is warranted.

That's why I say, if you have a tech that is on your side, you stand a better chance at having the replacement performed and not thrown into the 'you have to replace it' bin.

Suzuki has done this to keep an onslaught of R&R's hitting their doors. :super: You know, it's all money. :mad:

But, what are you going to do?

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if you dont get it fixxed, this is what ya get, and I just got fix myself.

and replace all this