my bike keeps stripping starter gears i have replaced three in the last year i also replaced the starter clutch! its an 01 does anyone have this problem?
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3 times? Doesn't sound promising. I've replaced my starter at beginning of season. You mean this could happen again?
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Hayabusa Starter Gear
APE and MRE announces their new super strength Hayabusa starter gear. Big Bore Hayabusa's may have a tendency to "kick back" when being started. Often this will strip the teeth off the factory idler gear, which in return destroys the starter motor gear. Sometimes it even breaks the cover. This replacement gear features a gear face that is a full 12mm wide, which is 5mm wider than the factory original gear. This gear slips in place of the original gear, and does require minor clearance for this wider gear.

Thru 2002 only.

I know the price sounds expensive, but have you priced a new starter and the stock replacement parts ?

Here's the instructions:

Clearance the engine case approximately .100" where the starter gear goes with a grinder or file. The new gear is wider and will need slightly more clearance to operate.
Slot the two electric starter motor mounting bolt holes .125" so the starter motor can move out (toward the clutch cover) to attain full gear teeth engagement.
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Item No. Description Amount Qty.
SG1300GSX APE - Hayabusa Starter Gear $269.95
SG1300GSX-MRE MRE - Hayabusa Starter Gear $244.95

If you want one of these I've got one that I've never used and I'll make you a deal on it