Sport TOURING the Busa


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Thinking about this lil trip [see pic].
Never done a super long ride before ever, especially on my Busa. What sort of things should I plan for, do in advance, think about if I decdie to do this run? I have a stock bike and don't wanna mod seat or handle bars. Butt what do I do to survive this ordeal? All advice appriciated. I have friend in Denver, Pheonix and Austin I can stay with.
Don't rush it, just take your time.
I usually stop about every 125 / 150 miles or so to get gas whether I need it or not just to get off and stretch my legs.
Bring some chain cleaner / lube with you and make sure your tires are good before hand!
Enjoy your
Take one of those patch kits. It could be worth its weight in gold.

Secondly, you might want to consider changing your wind screen. Seat and risers are probably less importan in my opinion.
Try in advance to book hotel room for every 400 to 700 miles.  Anything longer than that and you're probably going to be riding past sunset and that's not a lot of fun.  Also, by reserving room ahead of time, you don't pull into a hotel dead-tired only to find out that some convention is in town and all the hotels for 100 miles are booked and you've got to hit the road again.

Like it was said above, take your time, get off the bike after an hour and a half or two of riding, get some water, take a break.

Bring something to clean your face shield, ala Honda spray wax and a few paper towels.  Bugs can make it hard to see after awhile.  Also some chain lube.

I also carry a kryptonite cable and lock as well as a bike cover for theft reasons, especially if you're staying at hotels.  If bike is covered, less likely thieves will take it if they don't know what you have and it's a pain to steal if locked up.

I also like ear plugs, as I'm less tired at the end of the day, if I don't have to deal with the wind noise.  Don't forget your rain-suit, hate to do long distance without rain-gear.  Get some gore-tex mits at REI or someother outdoor gear shop.  Nothing more miserable than wet and cold hands if you're riding long distance.

Lastly, this time of year, you probably won't need it, but I've always taken an electric vest on really long trips or trips in the mountains.  Weather changes real quick up there and can get pretty cold, even in summer.  A vest can turn a miserable trip into a tolerable one.  This is also true if you have to ride long distances in the rain.  You can get chilled easily if the temps are in the low 70's or 60's and you do 300 plus miles in the rain.  

Take a cell phone with you in case you break down.  At least you won't have to walk miles from your bike to get help or a tow.

Just my $.02, have fun and be safe.
Don't forget your gat, strap, rod, pistoli, P-shooter, regulator, equalizer!


Or at least a high powered rubber band.
Ok city to Wichita, Ks should take you less than 2.5 hours. From Wichita, Ks to Kansas city, Ks about the same......... Good luck on the trip! If you need anything while your in Wichita drop me a line................ Ks
and a pocket full of small change, marble or something like that for the inevitable tail gater:0
Camel back hydration system you can pick one up at any bicycle shop. throttle lock of some kind you're gonna need to give the right hand a break every now and again, Motrin or some kinda pain relief -just in case your age starts showing in your lower back
I'ld also go to autozone and by a cigarett lighter and wire it in using a 15amp fuse... Nothing worse than being on the road and need to make a call only to find out your battery is dead. Remember stop before your tired, and the next day will be just as enjoyable as the day before. Ride till you are ready to drop and the next day may be less than pleasurable.
Excellent input from all of you! Thank you! Many things I never considered and WILL include in my pack. It would be fun to meet anybody who is enroute.
Still don't know if I will be going or not. I'd probably be alone - not a bad thing, just no backup

I'm happy to give you PC advice if needed. Make sure you get all Windows updates before this weekend


Well, there are enough posts to keep you busy getting prepered, all I wanted to mention is that you swing by W Ft Worth (minutes from I-35W on the 820 Loop) and stop by my house for a snack, meal, or to check your EMail (or

I am a total PC geek, as well as a newfound MC lover nowadays (since last month) so have plenty of PCs for you to use while here.....

Cell # for me is


Good Luck and Be Safe !!

It's my job to stay up on the ''scene" by keeping up on patches, what is out, and coming out.  There are many security websites covering holes in windows.  
Microsoft sends out alerts about security holes and patches if you sign up for it.  At home, I stay up to date with EVERY patch - I don't think or worry about it, I just get it cuz it saves time - free online virus scanner, and ADAWARE spyware removal tool, and that's all I need.  

Virus detection agencies found strains of this virus in the wild that install and sit dormant until a specified date.  This one on the 16th.  I assume copycat viruses are launching early.
uuhhhh, yeah. I understood all of that. Guess I need to get some updates then
Here are some pics of my rig when traveling! I use a GenMar riser, Sport Tour windscreen, LP 360 lowering pegs, Corbin seat, Ventura Rack/Pack, tank bag, stem stand, GPS, radar detector, and Throttlemeister....
Ok, Doc, I'll drive out and pickup your bike in a couple days. ;) Looking good!