Speedo hell

Hi Guys, I recently noticed an issue with my speedo. As much as I like to see my speedo reading 170mph....I found it very disturbing to see it reading this value on the freeway when the cars where keeping up!!!

Needless to saw I had a speedo issue. On closer inspection the needle was sweeping wildly around the 170mph mark. It has to be broken.

I tore the bike apart so I could get to the instrumentation then went to my Suzuki dealer to order a new one. This is were the real pain started.

They wanted the better part of $700 for the speedo. Apparently I needed to buy the whole dashboard to make it work! I was tempted to hand over my first born son to pay for this, but before I do anything dire I wanted to check with you guys and see if there is any cheaper way to fix this!!!

Is there a cheaper way to replace the speedo? Any help would be truely appreciated, ty.
Lots of good used units out there. Look in the product section also. I though I remember seeing some there.
Did you try and replace the sensing unit first. Maybe it is a bad ford (pickup). Very easy to change and cheap too.