sore hands


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HI guys,
Got me a busa last week and man what an ossome ride.
lately i notice that my hands becoming sore after half hour ride
on my there anything i can do to fix this problem cause
lately it is getting worst. any sugestiones or comments would
be appreciated.

thank you
AM 5'11 AND 225LBS
Hey guys I told him to post this here because I know that some of you use risers. I looked but couldn't find any good post to point him to. Lets help out a fellow rider.
I've found keeping the bike on the back wheel helps with the soreness issue.

Try some gloves that have gel palms....
Welcome vincebusa,

I put a similar post in the other day - numb hands - check out the responses there.

I'm about 170lbs and i reckon its due to putting too much weight on your wrists, bending them back too far. Try to ride with your wrists straightened a bit more as i also reckon it lets the flow of blood through your hands run easily. I'm still trying to get used to it. I was also told that i may be hanging on to tight. I have had my Busa since Oct last year and i guess its due to the respect we have for the bike. Now i'm mentally trying to relax a bit more and it seems to be doing the trick.

I went for a longer ride over the weekend up to Malaysia, 1 1/2 hours or so before a stop, the numbness came and went as i moved my wrists back and forward. Like i said, its getting used to it.
Most of the post are on the mark Vince, I have the helibars also, and I have no probs at all, and I am 5'5". I do find it odd that you have the wrist problems at your height, the busa is pretty comfortable totally stock. with your arm length most of your weight should be on the seat. What kind of work do you do, do you work a lot with your hands, any twisting or holding heavy items that may put tension on your wrist and hands? When I first started to play golf, I held the club wrong at the range, and this led to temporary pain in the wrist. If you do work a lot with your hands you may need to see a doctor about carpotunnel syndrome, a female friend of mine had carpo and had surgury because she has a job that req a lot of typing. stretching the wrist is helpful to me, to keep the blood flowing, and keep the muscles loose and flexible. i use a wall or table, anything flat that I can put the palm down and stretch.

Hope this helps!
Definately try to put less weight on the handlebars. If you do rest your body weight on your hands, keep your wrist and hand in line with the bones of your fore-arm. That way your skeletal structure is taking the weight and your wrists are not flexing and putting pressure on the soft tissues of the wrist which constricts blood flow and pressures the nerves. One way to ensure that you are not puting pressure on your wrists is to ride with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle as you are crouched down. Rest your weight on the fuel tank while you are doing this and you will take some of the weight off of your back side as well. Also, constantly adjust where you are resting your body weight, then all of the pressure points will get a rest.