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here lately i have been getting pretty disgusted with people, my bike is for sale for the right price, i do not care if sell it or not, its not eating no hay and i am by far not hurting for any money, i get these guys trying to low ball me all the time, i dont understand, i have made it clear it will set before ill sell it at rob the bank prices, i have over 20k in this machine and most of these wannabes think im going sell it for 8000 to 8500 sorry for the rant im just sick and tired of idiots wasting my time. meet my price that is the bottom line i will not go lower. later i will buy another one, right now im tired/bored/ and have so much more on the table to take care of. im sure alot of you have run into this crap. just venting right now , i get two to three emails a day trying to steal it from me, then again half of them can not ride a bike let lone a turbo bike. if i piss you off so be it if your onefor those that has tried to low ball me, i really dont care, dont waste my time and i want waste yours. God bless everone and God bless america.


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It sucks that people try to get something at a price under what you are asking... but that is the nature of the beast. Everyone wants a deal... All I can say is good for you on not budging on the price... and it makes it easier since you don't have to sell it.

Well sorry to hear your thinkin of selling... but I also understand other things to do, that need to be done and getting bored with stuff in general.

Best of luck to ya.

Oh and if ya wanna sell it cheap... $8.50 That is my final offer. :poke:

Just pullin yer leg bro.
When ever I sell something I know people will try to knock me down so I try to price for this by adding more to what I would except with a win to me if they take the set offer. most times they offer what I was willing to take:thumbsup:... Good luck with your frustration.:thumbsup:


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Well thanks to our governmental bodies, it's a buyers market out there. If you are not willing to sell at a discounted price, your pool of buyers just became extremely small.

If you are expecting to get anywhere near your 20G's back, I think you are in for a long extended relationship with that bike unless you get very lucky.

Good luck on your sale. Keep searching for that guy with a pocket full of cash that falls in love your your bike.



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Perhaps you should market to people who can afford to pay the price you're asking. Most Americans think its a constitutional right to get everything for nothing.

Best wishes.

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I feel your pain.. but we do need the money.. I'm trying to sell my drag bike right now.. that we have over $12,000 in.. and we are trying to give it away for $8000!!!

Noone will bite.. or they want to trade crazy stuff for it.. sorry sir but a dirt track modified will not pay the bills next month.. :banghead:


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The last time I sold a car, I put it in for $16,000 and got no takers.
Waited a month and put it in for $10,000. Phone kept on ringing and the first serious buyer I apologised and said the paper made an error with the price, it should have been $16,000, but welcome to come look anyway. Sold for $16,000.


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Times are tough for everyone out there. You can't blame people for trying to get a better deal. I am sure you have tried. Bet you bought stuff from org sponsers for partially the same reason, a better deal.

Good Luck with the sale.


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Sadly here most of us are guilty of that influence. Most of us say the deals are out there and the market is great for buying etc...

Gotta take the good with the bad. It's frustrating,but can't really fault someone for trying to get a deal. It's not like something hasn't sold for much lower then asking price before. when Toys are sold people tend to think it's cause of a cash flow problem. Especially in today's economy.

Good luck with your sale. :thumbsup:


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I have my Busa on Craigslist and haven't had a single scam yet. All I've had is someone wanting to trade me a lowered&extended gsxr750 and a jetski.

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