So much for a new busa.....oh well at least i will be cool


So about a month ago I had Lowes put in new windows. I knew I needed them bad. My house runs on electric for everything and it just keeps getting higher every year. Well I knew that the next step was the heat pump but i was not expecting it to be next month. Long story short it went out. So I checked around and decided to get a trane xl18i heat pump and a tam7 air handler.
Now my old system was really old. the air handler was an 87 which is what really went out. there was a relay switch that controlled the blower that went out and it was also sending about 10 amps to my heating coil at the same time as the air was on. No wonder my electric bill was almost $500. Yes I said $500. The heat pump was a seer12 trane. It still worked ok but probably not long for this world to be honest. pics of the old system below




Now for the new one. Huge difference. the old heat pump was a 2 ton which was way small for a quad level house. The air handler was a 2.5 ton which was ok just old and you cant get parts for it anymore. The new set is a 3 ton heat pump 2stage and the handler is a 2.5 ton variable speed ... plus i got this cool thermostat that is in color and has wifi... Altogether it was $8000 installed so thats were the title comes from. No new busa for me for a while. Disappointing but I had to have this so i can live with it. The electric savings alone should almost make the payment.




They are still working on the install. I hope they will be done today. We shall see. Cant wait to see how it works. I was really surprised to see how big that sucker was outside... lol geesh


its not really all that... lol...... its not even 1700 square feet... but i do like the layout...

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I'm in same boat only my new Busa money is going toward a new roof.
This will hopefully lower my ins significantly and maybe I can catch up and save up again.

Congrats on the new Ac. Gotta be cool :)


I hope you got rebates coming back to you for installing a more efficient system!
8K wow!

I replaced an oil furnace last year with a new gas furnace. Receive about 500 back in rebates,
So the system with a wifi thermo ended up under 3K.


I get $600 back from a rebate from our local ripoff power company. Thats it. As i understand it I dont get to claim this or the $3200 in windows on my taxes. I guess last year was the last time you could. Figures day late dollar short. story of my life. Bought my house in 2008 about 6 months before the crash, now its worth only $40,000 less than i paid for it. Hell the busa is the only thing i got still worth anything. but hey at least i got a busa and there are a lot out there that have so much less so I should consider myself blessed. Broke but blessed. It just bugs me once in a while.
on a side note they finished today and while it is not really hot out good God in heaven that sucker puts out some cold air. dang near make my house a meat


I feel your pain although not as A/C went out last week after back to back $400 month electric bills as Im in the same situation as you all electric house with a heat pump. Had to have a new 2.5 ton R22 air conditioner and heat pump system installed. I have to say I feel like I made out ok. The new AC unit was $1225.25, the labor for the installation was $350.00 and then it was $40 a lb for 5.5 lbs ($220.00) of R-22 Freon. Just shy of $2k later my track bike and track day fund was gone for the remainder of this year... I do have to say I love my new A/C Unit as I went from a SEER-10 to a SEER-13 unit and after a deep cleaning of the A/C - HEAT PUMP coils my home is much cooler and the air flow is significantly better. Looking forward to seeing my next bill to see the difference.

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