Should i or shouldn't i? get a busa


I'm beating my brain to death---trying to decide to get one or not. I have the money and the experience and the desire. The problem is --is it too much power?

My riding style is conservative but I don't like cruisers. I don't have the desire to get stupid but I want a kick A## bike. Here's the question...can you guys tell me if the bike can be ridden safetly without concern about it just getting away from you? Like I said, I'm pretty careful and have no desire to hot dog ar anything but I want performance and power--is the power too extreme? Is it smooth and controllable? Can this be my bike? Thanks--jay:23:
As a new Busa owner and a average rider. I had the same concerns! I was on a 750 and all of my buds were on 1000's. I didn't try to keep up and still don't but I can get the busa to do things that I want and the power isn't a concern to me. Its all in the wrist. I will say however its nice to roll on the throttle and leave those 1000's behind. I don't do it often but enough so that they respect my bike. I love the busa and think its the best bike that I have ever had.

The Busa is a very good bike to have. I ride mine to work which is about 55 miles away. It is pretty comfortable on long rides and a lot of fun when you do get the urge to play. I love it.
hey go for it all i ever rode was my friends bikes before i bought mine.........a busa its a easy bike to handle just a lil hard at slow speeds but its not insane and watch your spedo u dont seem to be going the speed u are going and i do 202 mile trips on mine almost every weekend its comfterable too
My last ride since buying the busa was 4 years ago and was on a 2 stroke 500. I wondered if the power was going to be too much but after riding the busa its like what a lot of ppl call the jekel and hyde bike. At low revs its a baby to ride and when you feel like flying you twist your wrist. The power is much more predictable than any bike i've ridden including 250's. The main desicion was that i'd just be wasting money buying what my heart was not content with. So i got the busa.


P.S. The break in peroid and keeping below 5000rpm is enough time to get used to it.
I didn't want to start on something I'd outgrow and have to sell after six months at a loss, so I got exactly what my instincts told me to get. I'm still happy. I'm still grinning cheek-to-cheek. I'd have to be utterly insane to outgrow this bike.... which is why I've got my eyes set on a turbo upgrade.
Rode a lot in the 70's. CB750 - 67 hp. Last year after my brother picked up a Harley I had to get a bke. Rode a connie for a season and wanted MORE. Had my eye on a busa. Everyone said - what are you nuts! Purchased one in January. They sell quick. I'm not a Hot rodder - Its the sweetest ride. Just twist the right hand a little and it goes... Like the most powerfull touring bike you can imagine. Harley riders hate it. At 80 just twist the right hand a little and see ya. The connie is junk compared to the busa. I'll be 49 this year and have been involved in risky sports all my life and the busa is the best buzz yet. Remember, respect the power and you will be fine.
Thanks you guys. I've read the heck out of this site and it seems like the bike is far more than just a bike.... it seems like it's already a legend.

It's nice to see that you all are so helpful. Right now I'm on a bandit 1200s. Nice bike, power is ok. It just doesn't have the spark I want.

Living in the Chicago area doesn't allow for a ton of fair weather riding although I've managed to ride all winter at least every couple weeks just to keep from putting the thing in storage. Damn it's cold. I just want to have that something special and it sounds like this could be it.

I was at the dealer today and damn it, almost put a deposit down..he's got the black and blue one in stock...

One quick question..any problems riding 2 up with burns on the double pipes or is it just a matter of VERY careful instruction to the passenger to stay away from them?

Have'nt rode two up yet - I did replace the stock windscreen with a zero gravity sport touring one - about 80 bucks. Much better wind protection. Its the most comfortable riding bike on the road and not top heavy at all in town. You can go 40 mph in 6th gear and just twist and go! Better get down to your dealer before there gone. I paid $9,800 for my Blue/ Black 2002. Its the fastest production bike, period. Get some leather's if you don't allready have them.The Police do like to follow these bike's. 70 seems like 50. 100 seems like 70! I need the open road fix BAD. Can't wait to ride with the Hardly David Stones and say see ya. Also, the kids on the 600 sport bike's just leave you alone...-
I went from a GSXR 750 to the Busa. My wife says the bike is definately more comfortable. She hasn't had any problems with the pipes where they are. If your passenger starts to have problems you can go to a 4-2-1 exhaust for the bike. I will save you a little weight also. Just a suggestion. My wife is a novice passenger. She doesn't ride with me all that much so if she doesn't have any problems your passenger should be good.

My '99 Busa (bought new in June 99) is very easy to ride, despite 50% more power than the CBR1000F it replaced. But it is not nearly as comfortable for a passenger, I'm told. And I believe it. There's not much padding on that rear seat. The Bandit would certainly be a much better two-up bike, unless you have a really adventurous passenger.

The secret to riding the Busa conservatively is as much the toe as it is the wrist. Shift early and its a pussycat. It pulls wonderfully from 2000 on. When I'm in traffic, I seldom get beyond 4000. When I'm not in traffic I have been known to explore higher rpms, however.

In short, the Busa provides more smiles per mile than anything else I ever owned over the last 43 years.
I'm also a very conservative rider but I went from a cruiser to a bird, then the busa. (the cruiser is still collecting dust).