Sena SMH10 in the rain...


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Well, some of you already know I'm a huge fan of the Sena SMH10. Best bang for your buck you can get in a helmet communicator...

Yesterday we rode for 360 or so miles in the POURING rain, and this unit remains flawless. Unreal amounts of water punishment was thrown at it, and it keeps on performing like it should.

I'd highly recommend these to ANYONE looking to add communication, GPS, or just music to their ride. :beerchug:
I agree with Bots as I have ridden in the heavy rain several times with my SMH-10 on and working fine.
seems like a daily basis here to ride in the rain..:laugh:

but yes, i agree with you, the sena has been the best thing i have bought in years..I can't say enough good things about it.:beerchug:
Not to thread jack but any reviews or thoughts on the low profile version?

I'll let you know soon. I just found out there is an earbud adapter now for the SMH10R. I'll be trying it as soon as I can.. :beerchug:
Only bad part is they can't communicate with other bikes unless they have same unit right?
The only thing I can say I don't like about the smh10r is the length of cord. I had to zip tie and velcro it to the back of my helmet.
That was my question...I have friends that use chatterbox. Wonder if they can communicate with other units / brands?

If they have an FRS or a GMRS chatterbox, Sena makes a radio adapter to plug into their units to be able to talk to them. :beerchug:

I however feel sorry for your friends with Chatterboxes.. :banghead:
I first had a Chatterbox, it was crap. I then went to a Starcom Advance and that was good for a wired system between my passenger and I. Then I went wireless with the SMH-10 between my passenger and I and have never looked back.

I use it on a daily basis for phone calls and listening to music while commuting to work.