Sena SMH10R question.

Adam G

Have a couple of questions for those with experience with the Sena SMH10 or SMH10R.

1) Got it to sync with my Samsung S4 and I can play music through my headset and when I get a call I can answer it by tapping the center button. However, I cannot seem to get the voice command function to work. The manual says hold the center button for 3 seconds, you hear a beep, and then you should be able to just speak and tell it who to call out of your phone list and it should dial it up. I have Microsoft Sync in my truck and the voice command works fine there? What am I missing? Do I have to sync contacts or anything?

2) The manual shows a converter that you hook between the USB charger and your battery. Mine did not come with that. I guess I am wondering if when I hook the charger into the unit itself will it just charge the battery if the battery is hooked up or do I need to disconnect the battery and charge that directly using a converter?