Seattle Cycle Show


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Went to the show this weekend...not too bad. I was dissapointed in the number of vendors selling accessories, but still enjoyed the show.

Cache, you could have saved $60 on Beetle Bags, if you ordered at the show.

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Thinker: Our show here in the DC area is in March and I am looking forward to it. Anything special to check out that is better than average?
Not is just cool to see all the new bikes. It isn't often I get a close view of the offering from companies like Aprilla, Ducati, Bimota, etc. Plus, it is great to see what is new witha all the other bikes, specially the ones that compete with the Busa

1. The Blackbird didn't seem to change at all.
2. The 2003 ZX 1200 comes in a Black Cherry kind of color. Also, apparently, last year they cleaned up that after thought looking Scoop that I hated.
3. Yamaha's FJR was there. No offense to anyone, but the FJR still looks too much like my old Yamaha FJ 1200.
4. I really liked that Kawasaki ZZR 1200.

I purchased a metal polisher and sealer that seems to work great. Polished wheels are awesome, but I don't want to spend half the day trying to keep them looking good. With this sealer, supposedly, all you have to do is wash them off.

Sounds like you had a pretty good time Thinker. But, what is it about that silver/grey that makes you other slow Busa riders want to just drool? Couldn't help yourself huh Thinker? Thiiinkeeer...someone's calling you. Must be your conscious.

I do really like the Silver, but I am having fun with my Blue baby (notice the text color). It also doesn;t hurt that the Blue one is faster.

I do not like that new Black/Silver '03 at all. For a radical bike, Suzuki sure is conservative with the color changes. Besides Blcak, there should be new colors every year.