Scorpio alarm


Hello everyone. I have never seen this posted here. But has anyone had there bike stolen with a scorpio alarm on it? I am not saying they can't steal it but has anyone actually had their bike stolen with that alarm installed on it and fully functioning?
I have the Scorpio alarm, the perimeter sensor and the paging feature gives me a little peace of mind, but I will not trust that it will keep my bike completely safe. It will however deter people from touching/sitting on your bike in a parking lot. I wish it had a taser feature for people like that
Now for thieves, it should have a nut cruncher feature


Yea. Man crooks are the lowest of lows man. Just want to get an idea from people who actually own it. Any close calls?
Just the Scorpio alarm here, but have had no problems. People are almost afraid to walk near it at work because of the beeping sound.
Cool, I would really like to get some info on GPS tracker. Anyone have info where I can get it? Or look into it thanks.
I put the scorpio on when I got my bike. Not much theft where I live, but it gives me peace of mind when on excursions and bike events. Never had anyone mess with it.
Ok you guys think that I should make another post about the GPS tracker? I am doing searches on it but nothing. Only got one post from way back.
pm Mr Bogus. I think he was trying to get a group buy together for these not too long ago. They're pretty pricey though.
Anytime. I was thinking about doing this with him but Christmas and all killed me. Now I'm shopping for a new bike for the girl. Let me know how you make out as I may be interested come spring.
Trust Me. If a Professional Thief has an Order for your kinda Bike. They will get it....... Insure your Bike Fully, Then ride the Heck out of it.

I agree but if I can aleast somehow help the situation by finding out the last location of the bike. Who knows! I know pros know how to get them but then again pros usually go after the easy targets. Why waste 20 min on my bike and a bunch of hasle when they can go down the block and probably get the one that has your mentality in 5. And where I live believe me there is no lack of busa's driving around.
I don't mean I want someone else's bike to get stolen but if you don't atleast try to protect your assets you are putting yourself at risk. Why take a dollar from someone when you got someone else handing it to you down the block. And either way I do have insurance but if my bike gets stolen guess whats going to happen when I get my next bike and ask them to insure it? Premium goes up. I understand you think I just shouldn't worry about it so much but I can't really help it. its just how I am. Thanks for the input and be safe out there.
Professional's Steal for Profit.  If the Profit is High Enough, they are going to get YOUR BIKE !!!!!  Alarm, No-Alarm, Chained Up, Dog Present, Garage.  Nothing will stop them if the Price is Right.  However the "JoyRider" thief will pick the Easy Target. So I guess if it makes you sleep better at night.  Put your bike in a Garage (If You Can)  set the Alarm and don't Freakin Worry About IT !!!!!!!!!
Well I got a stock busa so I don't know what would stick mines infront of anyone elses. And I plan on keeping it that way. Ofcourse if I have a 12,000 dollar bike with 20,000 invested in it in parts. Then that makes my bike high priority.but lets compare apples to apples here my friend. I don't have that and nither will I. So they will go for the easy target. I am trying to stop that joy ridder as you call it from taking the bike and making it a deterrent for the pro. So he thinks hey this guys bike isn't worth it lets go down the street to john doe's house he's got nothing on his bike. Ooo and by the way if a pro really wants one and he is so skilled just go to your nearest dealership and you will have a brand new one with 3 miles on it that will be worth a whole LOT more. And he will be facing the same things he will be with my bike. If not less.