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My buddy wrecked yesterday in Lago Vista, TX. We don't know what happened or why he wrecked. Brian was so far out in front all day.....then he fell behind another guy, right in front of me and went off the road....I come around the corner and there is a big cloud of dust crossing the I begin to search for a bike.....took me about 8-10 seconds to find him.
I ran over to him and he was not moving and barely breathing (snoring sound). He was on his side so I left him like that and tried to open his airway by thrusting his jaw forward. It would not move, so I pressed my index finger down on his tongue(he was biting it) and worked it in between his tongue and top teeth. This seemed to help. It took about 8 minutes for the Air medevac to arrive and they "took over" from there.
Luckily I am an EMT and a pretty good friend of Brian's. I didn't have anything on me but I did what I could. He is in the Hospital in Austin as we speak, and will probably be there for a while. They said it "looks like" both legs are broken, right arm in several places, several large contusions, and road rash of course.
Just say a small prayer if you will today for Brian Conway and ask Him to watch over Brian and help him recover quickly.
Brian is also a member here, I just don't know his board name because he said he doesn't post much. Just kinda looks around.

Don't forget to pray for him and all you guys out there over the holidays be safe and return home from each ride to your friends and family. Happy Holidays.
wow... he was lucky you were there to help him get the airway open. Sounds like a bad wreck! Maybe his bike rolled over him a couple times too. That reeeeaaalllllly sux... bad time of the year for that. Being the holidays and all, an injury can take longer to heal due to low morale. Give him our best!

Brian, if you are reading this, keep the pain-killer-button really close!!

I have been seriously burned in the past, and I can feel your pain, different as it may be. Keep your head up.
I just got off the phone with his nursa and he is not in good shape....they think he has a closed head injury. Keep him in your prayers please.

Pray for Busafied's Amber, Nikolas and Katelyn as well....they all need it.
busahigg, we'll definitely keep Brian in our thoughts and prayers. This is terrible, too many people getting hurt on the holidays. Everyone be careful out there!
Spoke with his roommate a few minutes ago and he said the Nurse told him that he had gotten worse over the evening. He is being watched closely. Will post more when i know more.
I have asked for a blessing for your friend brian in Yashua's name. YHVH willing he should improve now. You are a good friend to ask for The Father's help.
sorry to hear about the crash Higg.. hopefully he pulls thru everything ok.
I just got off the phone with his nursa and he is not in good shape....they think he has a closed head injury.  Keep him in your prayers please.

Pray for Busafied's Amber, Nikolas and Katelyn as well....they all need it.
Thank you for your continued blessing for my family too, GB your friend and his family.

I pray he recovers soon.

Sad to here the news...My thoughts are with you.....
Brain then wrist control...not easy at times....ride well all.
Hope he will be OK..
Higg, be advised Brian is in our thoughts and prayers. Seems as though the extended family here is taking it's share of "lumps" this season. Tell Brian to hang in there. My best friends daughter and b/f we're in a single car(jeep) roll over last year. Both ejected ,no belts went airborne without volunteering. Needless to say there was severe trauma (head trauma in Ali's case) med flighted to Mass General Hosp ,thank God for that, litterally faced the reaper that night and the next couple of days. Something like that definitely let's one know how small and helpless we really are.
    Sorry for being long winded but I hope you know collectively there's  an awful lot of positive thought headed his way.
Just got back from the Hospital in Austin. Brian looks pretty good all things considered. He was responding to everything I said by nodding. He broke both arms severly, his right leg in a few places, cracked some ribs and nearly bit his tongue off. As for the possible head injury it looks pretty good.
Probably doesn't even have a head injury. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughtfulness. I'm sure Brian will enjoy reading this when he gets out. Again....thanks and be safe over the Holidays.

Your request for Brian does not fall on deaf ears...Prayers are being spoken by all who have read this post and other's most certain...

Also Busahigg I had a similar incident in which I was the first to the scene of an accident that involved one of my better friends...If it had depended on my actions or lack there of, my friend would have suffered fatal injuries...You are applauded for your ability to render the aid that may have saved his life...My friend also lived and is in recovery at this time...
Good going Dude. You may have save your friends life!
Hope he gets better. Sounds like he has made a turn that way.
Hey Higg,

Sorry to hear about your friend. Rest assured, prayers have been spoken into God's ears. I know that he will comfort and aid your friend during this time of pain and suffering. Tell Brian (my name is Brian also) that we are ALL brothers and sisters in Christ and that his brother is praying for him. If there is more that I can do, let me know.

Good to hear that he alert and no head injuries.. the bones and such will heal.