SAD... dropped Busa


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Well, it happened on X-mas eve. I dropped the Busa. Sux. I need a left side panel in premium condition for my 2001 Busa blue/silver and the rear hump too. Anyone got some leads on these parts :-(

This sux....
Sad for you man..were you moving or was it a garage parking deal....You'll get her fixed up/ and Merry Christmas Dude..
Not a good Christmas present.Its good to see your OK Good luck reparing your bike and Merry Christmas.
Just talked to Doc, he is a little bummed, but he will be ok. It fell over in the garage...............been there done that..................he has a line on the hump, now he needs a pristine left side. I checked ebay, no luck yet...........
Well it must have landed on something. I dropped mine once on the road, forgot to drop the kickstand, leaned her over, boom! Scratched stator cover, left fairing, and broke end off clutch lever. But that was the extent of it.

What in heaven did it land on to even ruin the hump??

Man that sucks sorry to hear about your baby. Good luck finding your parts. I'll keep an eye out for you.
Hey doc I have a 2000 all blue hump never even been on the bike I dont know about the colors etc but it is in mint condition . I have a Lsft panel Mine fell over too It is scratched lightly but no cracks or broken tabs etc Not sure if you need that Sorry to hear about your bike I almost cried when My went down In the flower garden no less .
Jeez you guys.

"Mine went down in the garage"
"Mine went down in the flower garden"

MINE went down on the asphalt in front of my office during lunch rush hour! Nobody saw yet thank god, so my 155lbs ass picked up that 430lbs Busa in about 2 seconds.!.! Never let 'em see you sweat. :p

"Those that bear weakness also bear their souls for others to steal."
I remember seeing some parts on LaBusas (pretty good for parts) in Blue about 2 weeks ago. I will keep looking all over.

I will also cjeck in South Florida when I go down Thursday. Chin up we will find you some parts and get it looking like new.
Awww doc.. That truly sucks. I am terribly sorry to hear about it. I have nightmares about mine getting knocked over, or just falling for whatever reason.

I will definatly keep an eyeball open for 01 bits.
Well that's a real shitty Christmas gift. Hell of a way to ring in the New Year. Sorry to hear about the bad luck dude, but I will keep an eye out on E-bay and Labusas for ya. I will call my friend Byron today and see if he still is changing his out. He told me just last week that he was going to replace all the fairing work to make his bike look like the '02 silver/grey. I do know for a fact that all of his parts are in mint condition. Bike has never been dropped or wrecked. Bike is in pristine condition. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that his bike is an '01 blue/silver. Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed with ya.

Thanks guys! I had it on a rear lift for a chain lube and a friend (female) wanted to sit on it... then, I thought it would be a good idea to start it for her.... so, I put up the kick stand to pop it in gear... then went in for some beverages... then decided to take if off the stand.... duuuuuuuuH, forgot to put DOWN the kick stand. It landed on a floor jack for the side fairing bust and the hump hit the pit bull stand!

Those of you with leads on parts, PLEASE let me know. I do not think it is worth turning in for insurance claim... or?
Hey, if I claimed this on insurance, would my rates increase??? Any chance homeowners would cover it???


OUCH! buba that hurts. glad you wernt moving. uhhhh what kinda of beverages... ? ( that might have been the trouble
) anyway couldnt hurt to ask the insurance agent. Tell him ... ahhhh hypothectically ...

Doc ( hows about those dvd's ) - Aloha / Kent
when mine went down i got new panel for 480 from this site. theres a thread somewhere, its a good price for new!
Yeeouch! Sorry to hear about that.
Check the homeowners policy.hmmm
I feel your pain.

earlier this year when I got my new wheels put on the shop that did the work dropped it in their garage.

sucks. call your insurance company.