So I had a guy instal my road loc while I am gone and when the wife dropped it off he told her that I shouldnt waist money on usless stuff. After my bike has been sitting there getting a lot of work done he emails me and asks me where he can pick one up for his bike! This is a great product and Darley is top notch when it comes to customer service!
a buddie of mine had one and they just picked the bike up and put in in the back of a truck and off they went so i guess it won't stop that ill just keep a close eye on mine and save the money:whistle: oh yea there were 3 big bad dudes the witness said


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Love mine, super easy to use and combined with the Scorpio it makes mine the hardest to steal out of the 4 sitting outside the cabin right now. Hopefully, no ones will be taken but if one has to go, I try to make sure the theives won't pick mine. I can't make it impossible to take, just trying to make it harder than it is worth.
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oh yea there were 3 big bad dudes the witness said
gotta love witnesses...when I had my stereo stolen, (parked front & center w/alarm) witness stated thought the owner was having problems with the alarm until said owner left the door open and walked away with the stereo. witness stated didn't want to get involved due to possible retalliation.:banghead:

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