Riding throughout the winter in the Uk


Due to the wife hogging the car all year round I need to go to and from work throughout the year on my bike. I have all the gear to do this and last year using my 99 CBR600 the bike stayed in good condition ( I did regulary hose it down and wash at the weekends ).

Now I have my Busa can she stand up to the English winter and is there any pointers you guys can give me.......?
Lots of washing and waxing (no-abrasive polymer based wax only) and keep everything lubed as you will need to with allthe washing and bad weather. Might also want to get a battery tender to keep 'er charged fully. Good luck. I ride mine all year as well but I try to stay out of the really nasty weather. Here in the states salt is widely used on roads in the winter and is hell on a bike ro car so you must keep it clean. Be sure to rinse well under the bike and in every little nook and cranny to get the salt off of it (if they use it in jolly old England).

A tip on winter washing (even below freezing), I use two buckets, one with hot soapy water, one with hot, clean rinsing water, and a large stadium cup to poor the rinsing water over the bike. That way you don't have to pull out the hose just to drain it and store it away after you are done with it (otherwise the hose will freeze solid and/or burst your outdoor spiget). Great way to keep your bike (or car for that matter) clean all year.

Everyone will wonder how you are washing your bike when it is below freezing. Oh, if it is well below freezing you must dry off the bike quickly or else you will have ice (hard to remove).
I knew there was a reason I moved to Arizona.  No snow, ride year round (Gloat, gloat, gloat), no road salt, most roads in great shape.  :D
Only drawback is the dirt roads, dust, snow birds, and 115 degree summers. :sad:

Well, I guess it balances out.

Wash soon, wash often (I'm starting to sound like my wife!)

Ride Safe! :super:
I think the worst thing is all the salt here in the UK as well........
Guess I'll just have to start cleaning my takle every day ( suppose it i'll keep the wife happy ):D
Also Check into Rhino Guard I think it is or Some of the products from Tankslapper.  Clear plastic thats fits over the nose and lower fairing.  It applies like window tint and is supposed to protect from stone chips, bugs, etc.  Might to a good job of just keeping the salt and winter crud off the leading edges of your Busa. The Tank Slapper

Or this stuff...Chip-NO-More

Should help keep her looking brand new, especially on the lower behind the front tire...
Winter riding, tell me about it.

Here in Nor. Cal, I almost have to put my liner in my jacket in Dec. and Jan. and the big warm gloves come out,........... well, at least on the way to the ski slopes.

Sorry couldn't resist :bounce:

Hey, ride safe in the bad conditions this winter.